Cooking Competition Negeri Sembilan 2023

A Flavorful Triumph! Big congratulations to our sensational winners who’ve clinched not just victory, but also Nilai University scholarships to chase their culinary dreams! Your dishes left our taste buds absolutely tingling.


Grand Prize Winner - 50% off Scholarship - Diploma/ Degree Programme

SMK Dato’ Mohd Said

Nurdania Anis Shafia Bt. Mohd. Bakri

Nurfarah Hana Bt. Bakar

Nor Fiffy Aleya Bt. Samsudin


1st Runner Up - 40% off Scholarship - Diploma/ Degree Programme

SMK Dato’ Mohd Said

Dinesh A/L Saravanan

Nucitharran A/L Saravanan Kumar

Thaashween Sri A/L Sri Murugan


2nd Runner Up - 30% off Scholarship - Diploma/ Degree Programme 

SMK Desa Cempaka

Muhd Faris Syakir B. Abdul Qowi

Syamil Nuraimi B. Jamsari

Muhd Aiman Syafiq B. Sunardi

To all participants, your passion and creativity were an absolute treat for our senses. We’d also like to congratulate the School of Hospitality and Tourism who has crafted such a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping event to unleash these amazing talents.

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