School of Applied Sciences

Endless Possibilities in Applied Sciences

Obtain vast knowledge and expertise in Biotechnology when you join Nilai’s School of Applied Sciences. There are tons of interesting theoretical knowledge and immersive practical skills waiting for you. Discover various career pathways as you go through the subjects and industrial training and find out which career suits you best. Upon graduating from the School of Applied Sciences, you get to choose to work in either one of the 4 major industrial areas including health care, agriculture, food and the environment. Up-to-date facilities are specially catered to students of Biotechnology so you can receive a full experience in the field before you move on to internship and the working world.


Wide-Range Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, you have the option of starting your career in 4 major industries: healthcare, agriculture, food & the environment.

informative syllabus

Informative Syllabuses

Students are taught subjects that are highly comprehensive & detailed.


Great Affordability

Experience a holistic education in Biotechnology with affordable fees.

gain knowledge

Business Electives

Gain business knowledge in the biotechnology programmes.

9 Semesters / 3 Years
100% PTPTN Available
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Full time: Min. 2 - 3 years / Part time: Min. 3 - 5 years
EPF Withdrawal Available
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