Since 1998, Nilai University has proudly witnessed the graduation of 12,566 students who have gone on to achieve unparalleled success in their respective industries. These accomplished individuals stand as living testaments to the unwavering commitment of Nilai University in providing a strong academic foundation that empowers students to pave their life-long excellence.

The outstanding accomplishments of our alumni are the testimonials of our exceptional programmes and the immense impact they have on shaping future leaders and professionals.


Driven by Nilaian values, and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual, and emotional needs of all present and future Nilai University alumni. We aspire to be a dynamic, member-focused and internationally- recognized organization.




  • To celebrate, engage and immerse in the unique Nilai University experience.
  • To foster intellectual and emotional ties among and between Alumni members, the university and current students.
  • To promote and instil lifelong learning and social opportunities for further individual growth and community spirit development.
  • To provide a vigorous and reliable body to sustain and promote growth, development, and welfare of the University.