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Student Responsibilities
  • All students are responsible for their own assigned email account. They are required to ensure that their account is not misused for whatever reason.
  • Students are to activate their account immediately upon the issuance of an ID Card. In order to activate the account, students must access the email from our website or alternatively via or click directly to Microsoft OFFICE 365- Login Page
  • Students are to use the email account solely for and as official correspondence for Nilai U-related matters.
    • For students with 8-digit student ID No. (For example, 00011054), only the first 8 numbers will be used with a prefix “n” in the front:-
    • For the email address
    • Login with your student ID :-
    • Default first time login password : student@123
  • Students are expected to check their email inboxes for new mail messages from various academic or/and administrative departments frequently and consistently. Student can check their emails from anywhere provided there is an internet connection (e.g at home, Nilai U Computer Labs, Nilai U Library, and Surf UP Student Internet on campus or at the hostels/apartments)
  • Students are advised to keep their password to themselves. They are not to share it with others.
  • Students are required to perform mailbox ‘housekeeping’ from time to time to avoid storage over quota so as to ensure the delivery of Nilai U correspondence.