Job Title : Post Basic Staff Nurse, Staff Nurse and Internship

Job Information
Job Description
  • Supervises and performs direct patient care including but not limited to:
    1. Taking and monitoring vital signs, initiation and termination of dialysis:
      i. e.g., to perform procedures such as dressing on the IJC before beginning dialysis;
      ii. to perform the procedure "Sequential ultrafiltration”;
      iii. to perform "tight Heparin" procedures; and
      iv. to use the ' Dialyser ' and "Primming" recycling procedure.
    2. Documentation and key-in data and details through computer;
    3. physical assessment of patients and patient treatments;
    4. taking and transcription of physician’s orders; and
    5. drawing and documentation of ordered laboratory work. (Send out laboratory tests and radiography and consequential tests).
  • Notes signs of trauma, patients’ general physical and mental condition, reviews dialysis orders, documents observations in patient medical records.
  • Analyses patient assessments, laboratory data and, when concerns are noted, brings issues to the attention of the physician.
  • Communicates all emergencies, patient life-threatening complications and related incidents Medical Director, Quality Care Nurse, Operations Manager Administrator.
  • Assesses patient and family learning readiness and provides appropriate information on renal disease, prescribed dialysis treatment, and medical regimen and its impact on the patient’s state of health and well-being.
  • Provides dialysis therapy, including but not limited to formulating dialysis plan per physician orders, weight and rate of ultrafiltration, verifying safety measures are in place and complied with, administering medications or other appropriate treatments, discontinuing dialysis according to established procedure, documenting all activity appropriately.
  • Instructs patients on pre- and post-dialysis care.
  • Administers patient quality care in a considerate, respectful manner.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of the patient’s short- and long-term plan of care and monthly progress note.
  • Monitor the cleanliness of units.
  • Set ups and monitors dialysis machines and reverses osmosis (“RO”) water system for correct functioning Perform an easy-to-do calibrations of the haemodialysis machine.
  • To control the performance of the standard of haemodialysis and the devices used in the treatment of haemodialysis.
  • Handles the record Book of the haemodialysis machines care in the updated state.
  • To update inventories of equipment and linen.
  • Participates actively in professional role development activities including continuing education, quality assessment and improvement, and the review and clinical application of research findings.
  • Develops ethically sound practice and confronts ethical challenges through application of the Nephrology Nursing Standards of Practice and Standards of Care.
  • Prepare, restore and maintain areas, equipment and clinical supplies in readiness for dialysis.
  • Attaches dialyzer and tubing to machine to assemble for use.
  • Mixes dialysate, according to formula.
  • Assist to primes dialyzer with saline or heparinized solution to prepare machine for use.
  • Assist in pushing the patient using a wheelchair and lifting the patient from the wheelchair and placing the patient in the dialysis treatment chair.
  • Transport’s patient into treatment/exam area and positions patient on lounge chair at haemodialysis machine.
  • To takes and records patient's pre and post dialysis weight & temperature.
  • Cleans area of access, using antiseptic solution.
  • Monitor throughout treatment – reporting changing, incidents and patient feedback.
  • Assist with preparation of patient documentation as appropriate.
  • Responsible for the Dialyzer Reprocessing Station for correct functioning.
  • Visually inspect reused dialyzer and check for the following:
    1. Confirm that the level (volume) of sterilant (Renal in) in the dialyzer is sufficient.
    2. Confirm that the blood and dialysate ports on the dialyzer are capped and not leaking.
    3. Check that the dialyzer is not damaged or leaking.
    4. Confirm that both the inside and outside of the dialyzer look clean.
  • After passing the inspection, will place a new information label on reuse dialyzer. The label will show:
    1. Patient’s name.
    2. Number of times the dialyzer has been used for the patient.
    3. Date and time the dialyzer was last reprocessed.
    4. Initials on the reprocessed dialyzer to whom you handle.
  • Store Reprocess dialyzer in a clean and safe area until it is time for it to be use it again.
  • Assist in the management all of the operations in the store room:
    1. Coordinate the handling of freight, the movement of equipment, and necessary minor repairs.
    2. Receive, unload, and shelve supplies.
    3. Responsible to verify all goods arrived as per the agreed purchase, delivery note and agreed quantity has been received and ensure that the store is kept clean and organized.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Operations Manager.
Job Category Full Time
Academic Qualification Diploma in Nursing
Other Requirements -
Working Area Puncak Alam, Klang, Shah Alam, Putra Heights, Seremban, Serdang, Parit Buntar, Taiping, Kamunting, Kuala Kangsar, Tanjung Rambutan
Working Days 6 days per week
Working Hours 7.5 hours a day
Salary RM1800.00 - RM4500.00
Company Information
Company Name Pusat Dialisis Nur Kasih Sdn. Bhd.
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Telephone No. 05-8290786
Address No. 7 & 7A, Jalan Lim Swee Aun, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Website -
Contact Person
Name Zarizan Binti Sharif
Telephone No. 018-3127696
Position Human Resource Assistant
Email [email protected]