Tu Nhat Vu

From Language to Healthcare

A former IEP success story: Tu Nhat Vu

When he came to Malaysia to pursue his degree, Tu Nhat Vu, or better known as Vu, did not expect that learning English could be memorable and stress-free. His dream of becoming a nurse had moved him to undergo the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Nilai University in 2010, and he was one of the students who enrolled in the Intensive English Programme (IEP) that year.

 “I did intermediate level as an audit student for three months. Within those three months, my listening and speaking was improved with the professionalism, patience, willingness, and knowledge shown by the lecturers,” Vu says, proudly. He asserts that by being in a mixed class of local and international students, he was exposed to his friends’ diverse background and perspectives. He saw opportunities to see problems from different point of views and to be more open to opinions of others. In his recollections of his IEP class, Vu says, “I made friends with many course mates and this developed my interpersonal and communication skills. The lecturers were approachable and friendly, but they were strict if we did not finish our homework or did not pay attention in class.”

Vu understands well that English helps him immensely in his current job as a nurse at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore. He believes that mastering a language helps a person communicate with the world, especially in healthcare. “Knowledge keeps on changing, so it is necessary to update our skills to the level that benefits us, our client, and the organization we are in,” he claims. In Singapore’s international environment, English becomes an essential tool for communication, particularly in his profession as a nurse. He asserts that English does not only help him understand his patients’ needs and how to attend to them, but also it eases the exchange of information among colleagues.

Vu, when admitting that Nilai University has always been close to his heart, plans to do his MBA at the institution after gaining a few years of working experience. Not only due to its strategic location near the airport, he says that Nilai University offers a quiet and peaceful environment for studying. “I used to think that living in Nilai University was like being in a jungle. Whenever I could not stand the hectic life and haze in the capital city, I escaped to Nilai to enjoy the fresh air and meet up with my friends who are still studying there,” he claims.

The IEP is offered by the Department of Languages in various proficiency levels ranging from Basic to Intermediate. Students are advised to undergo a placement test prior to enrolling into any level. For further enquiries, please contact the department head, Ms. Subashini.