Tommy Lee Yan Shan

Student in Nilai U’s Computing degree programme revels in the opportunity to indulge in his passion for photography.

“I am really enjoying my time here at Nilai University (Nilai U). Not only am I enjoying my studies and the campus environment, I am also thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to be part of the university’s corporate communications student photographer,” smiles the effervescent Lee Yan Shan, or just plain Tommy to his friends. Tommy, who is President of Nilai U’s Photography Club, came to prominence on campus when he won a national photography contest organised by Petronas two years ago.

He was then in Nilai U’s Foundation in Science programme and he has since graduated  into the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme. “I chose to take the Foundation route because it offered the fastest route to a degree. It also allowed me the flexibility to change my mind regarding my degree programme,” says Tommy. However, he has no regrets enrolling in the computer science degree programme as he has always been fascinated by this field since young. “I am really enjoying the lessons, especially the module on web design. It is not just solely about coding and programming, creativity is a big part of it. We are encouraged to use our imaginations.” Tommy also has good things to say about his lecturers and says that since the classes are deliberately kept small, students are given full attention and have easy access to the lecturers most times. “This really helps us understand our lessons and absorb the difficult concepts,” he stresses. In fact, Tommy has been so inspired by certain lecturers ability to transform seemingly mundane lessons into thought-provoking classes, the 20-year old is considering pursuing a Master’s degree so he, too, can enter the world of academia.

Another lecturer who has inspired Tommy is veteran thespian Mano Maniam who co-ordinates the Theatre and Acting module at Nilai U. Theatre and Acting is one of the elective courses available to degree students who must do four. Having to do four modules away from their core field of study is aimed at broadening students’ horizons and moulding them into socially-confident young adults.

“Participating in Mr Mano’s classes was really great fun. It is like no other course. I am certainly more confident having gone through that course which culminated in a play produced, directed and acted by students,” he enthuses.  “I encourage all students who have the chance to join the Theatre and Acting course to do so.”

On being part of the university’s corporate communications student photographer, Tommy says he is learning plenty of valuable lessons. “I am learning how to best portray an organisation and how best to put forward its positive aspects,” he says. “I have the opportunity to organise shoots of students and I have great fun shooting my fellow students for the university’s press ads and brochures.”  Although it has got little to do with computing, he believes that the experience will stand him in good stead and the stint will look good on his résumé.

Tommy is currently among the top students in his class and he hopes to improve on his performance so he can get a higher CGPA. “Having a degree will allow me to get into better jobs, and if I can maintain a decent CGPA, I hope to land a job in one of the leading telecommunications companies which are the hot ticket right now,” he concludes. In the meantime, the young lad is busy juggling his studies with his passion for photography and enjoying every moment of his varsity experience.


Nilai U was established in 1997 and is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai. It was granted full ‘university’ status by the Ministry of Higher Education last year and is rated Setara 5/Excellent by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.