Ronnie Anak Jeffrey Angking

Engineering student blows off steam at golf course.

“After slogging in classrooms for the entire week, I really look forward to my golf sessions at Nilai Springs (Golf and Country Resort),” says Ronnie Anak Jeffrey Angking. The 23-year-old Sarawakian is currently pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Nilai University and he has opted to do the golf module as part of his electives. All degree students at Nilai University are required to do four university courses outside their field of studies. Students can choose from subjects as diverse as Introduction to Theatre and Acting, Outward Bound and Dale Carnegie Skills for Success. These courses are central to Nilai University ‘Enrichment for Life’ concept which aims to equip students with the necessary soft skills that will help them carve out successful careers as well as instil in them a keen sense of social responsibility. 

Ronnie has opted to do Golf, Ethics, Psychology and Entrepreneurship, for his university courses but is quick to emphasise that he enjoys the golf module the most. “Unlike the other courses, golf is almost 99% outdoor action. The only book we have to read is the rulebook!” he exclaims. Ronnie and his fellow mechanical engineering classmates had seen a poster about the golf module on campus and decided to check it out. “I have watched the sport on TV, but never got the chance to play. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to experience something new. The fact that it is part of the enhanced certification initiatives of Nilai University also adds to the attraction as I will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from the Mizuno Golf School,” he says.

The one thing that Ronnie is keen to emphasise is that the golf module is fun. “After burying our heads in books all week, it is good to do something physical outdoors as a stress reliever. Learning how to play golf has been great fun as the instructors are very patient and informative,” he states. The trainers are certified instructors from Mizuno, Malaysia and lessons are carried out at the nearby Nilai Springs Golf and Country Resort which has a driving range as well as a 27-hole course. More importantly, Ronnie says that he has learnt a good many lessons from his twice weekly golf sessions. “I have been practicing my swing diligently to the point of going to the driving range in my spare time. I have noticed that my focus and concentration have greatly improved and this has helped me in my engineering studies. Having to carefully observe and execute the perfect swing as shown by my instructor has also made me more disciplined in my approach to learning,” he says. “I would also like to think I have learnt how to behave in a more cultured manner as I have had to absorb lessons in golf etiquette.”

Ronnie enthusiastically encourages students to enrol in the golf module. “How many colleges or universities offer such courses? It is fun and we learn how to play a sport which is very much the game of choice for successful businessmen. Knowing how to play golf gives you an advantage when communicating with them as it gives you a common platform,” he says. Ronnie plans to join the oil and gas industry when he graduates and he envisages using his new skills to network and make inroads into the business community. He also plans to save up enough money to join the golf club in his hometown of Sibu. In the meantime, Ronnie is fully enjoying his varsity experience and hopes to be able score a decent handicap once he is allowed onto the green. “When I joined Nilai University, I did not expect to be having this much fun doing university courses. Come to Nilai University, join the golf module and find out for yourself!”


Nilai University was established in 1997 and is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai. It received full university status last year from the Ministry of Higher Education and is rated Setara 5 Excellent by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. For more information, please call 06-8502308.