Nuraini Mohd Nasir & Mavis Tan Jia Min

Nilai U Diploma in Nursing students score distinctions in Nursing Board exams.

Both Nuraini Mohd Nasir and Mavis Tan Jia Min both agree that the Nursing Board exam is not as difficult as their Diploma in Nursing exams and that nursing students should have no problems passing it as long as they put in the necessary revision hours. However, both are also in agreement that serious study and application is required if students wants to score a distinction in the exam which all nursing students must pass if they wish to be a practicing nurse.

“Although only a pass is required, I worked extra hard because I believe in trying to achieve the very best I can in every examination,” says the petite Nuraini who hails from Tumpat, Kelantan. Her drive to be a successful nurse is no surprise given she had removed herself from a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Mathematics) programme at a public university to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse at Nilai University (Nilai U). “I had applied to Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam for a scholarship to do nursing and I was overjoyed when it was approved. Not only did I get to fulfil my ambition to be a nurse, I am also assured of a job in a government hospital after graduation!” she beams. “It really feels good to think I will be able to make a positive contribution to society as anurse.”

Her classmate Mavis is no less determined. She is of the opinion that having a distinction will help her stand out from the crowd when she goes job hunting. “A pass may be enough but a distinction will clearly mark a person out as a potentially valuable asset to employers,” says the 21-year-old former student of SMK Taman MegahRia, Johor Baru. When asked about the secret of her success in the Nursing Board examinations, Mavis says simply, “it is just pure hard work”. Both Nuraini and Mavis say they spent hours daily browsing through practice questions. They are at pains to emphasise that rote learning alone will not yield results as students need to fully understand the rationale of the question and the logic behind the correct answer.“The tricky thing is the multiple choice questions in which the answers are worded very similarly. It can be quite deceiving if students does not fully understand the question or carelessly select the answer that sounds like something they had memorised,”Nuraini counsels.

Mavis is full of praise for Nilai U’s nursing lecturers who spent considerable amount of time preparing students for the Nursing Board examinations. She says they are fully committed to ensuring students really understand lessons and are well prepared for this important examinations with extra revision classes, pop quizzes, and mock tests. Nuraini weighs in by saying that the lecturers had prepared a complete revision and preparation schedule for all the nursing students sitting for the examinations. “Nothing was left to chance. We were properly drilled. But most importantly, Nilai U lecturers are a very positive and encouraging group who instils in us great belief that we can do well. They also very willing to share their knowledge and experience with us,” she says.

As Nuraini and Mavis head out into the working world post- graduation, both have already set their sights on returning to Nilai U, after gaining some work experience, to pursue a Nursing degree.  “Having higher qualification is very important. After such a positive experience at Nilai U, I have no hesitation in coming back to further my studies,” smiles Mavis, as Nuraini nods in agreement.

Nilai U was established in 1997 and is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai, just 35-minutes south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The School of Allied Health Sciences offers both degree and diploma options in Nursing as well as a Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology programme. Latest addition is the BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science. For more information, please browse this website or call 06-8502388 / 03-79603089 / 07-2262336.