Nor Syahkila Mohd Noor

Felda scholar is proud that she has improved her English skills after joining Nilai U.

“One of the biggest benefits of having enrolled in Nilai University (Nilai U) is that my command of English has improved tremendously,” declares Nor Syahkila Mohd Noor, a FELDA scholar in her final semester of the Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) programme. Originally hailing from Felda Lok Heng Barat, Johor, the soft spoken lass is the youngest of six siblings and is the first in her family to qualify for a university education. “This has made my family very proud and I intend to do as well as I possibly can as I want them all here for my graduation!” she declares.

Syahkila (as she is known to her friends) says she was first inspired to enter the healthcare profession when her mother was in hospital receiving treatment for diabetes. Having seen the quality treatment and care afforded to her mum, Syahkila made it her mission to get the necessary grades to get into the relevant programme. She began to hear positive feedback from her friends who were in Nilai U’s MLT programme and she is happy to confirm that everything she had heard about Nilai U were true and, in some instances, exceeded her expectations.

“First thing I want to point out is the quality of the facilities. The labs and teaching facilities here are really top notch. Students who join the MLT programme will get plenty of exposure to latest lab techniques and equipment,” she says. Syahkila is also quick to point out that the teachers in her programme are very experienced and are always available to discuss any problems a student may be facing. “Their door is always open and students can speak to them whenever they are unclear about lessons. They really do their best to make sure students excel in their studies. I believe that that is a true measure of an institution – the quality of the teaching staff,” she states emphatically.

It is thus a shame that a number of her FELDA cohorts had dropped out in the first semester due to difficulties coping with the full English-syllabus. She also says that from her own knowledge, quite a number of FELDA scholars had been put off from applying because of the English syllabus.  Syahkila says she was nervous, too, in the beginning but is now glad that she stuck with it as she now speaks flawless English. “It is just a matter of getting used to it. Having to speak with my classmates and do coursework in English everyday helps me improve my English,” she said assuredly. “I struggled in the initial stages but after a while, it became second nature. Besides, the teachers will do their best to help you acclimatise. Trust me when I say that after a few short months, you will be very comfortable speaking and studying in English,” she states.

Another factor that she wishes to highlight is that internship is taken care of by the MLT Department . She has already completed two stints of industry training – one with Gribbles Pathology, Ipoh and the other at Hospital Banting. “I learned a great deal during my internship. I also saw the difference between the public and private sectors,” she says.  “It has helped me grow as a person and become a better Medical Laboratory Technologist.”

Syahkila strongly urges other FELDA scholars to join her at Nilai U as everything is geared for them to have a successful career. “Not only will you be getting a Ministry of Education-approved qualification but also enjoy a full varsity experience with many activities in a campus with students from all over the world!”

FELDA is a stakeholder in Nilai U and also sends its scholars for programmes in Culinary Arts, Hotel Management, Agricultural Management and Nursing. For more information, please go to or search for ‘Nilai University’ on Facebook. To speak to a cousellor, kindly call 06-8502308 and ask for Rosla Ali.