Ng Kang Wei

Student opts for computing studies at Nilai U because of scholarship and the institution’s peaceful location.

“I had applied to a number of institutions after my STPM for scholarships. I got a couple of positive responses but I opted for Nilai University because of its location,” says Ng Kang Wei, who is in his final semester of the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme. Having scored 3As in his STPM, Kang Wei was offered a High Achievers Scholarship from Nilai University (Nilai U) which covers his tuition and accommodation fees. “I am very thankful for the scholarship as it greatly reduces the financial burden on my retired parents,” says the former student of SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang.

With the cost factor at the forefront of his mind, Kang Wei says it made sense that he settled for an institution located outside the big cities. “The cost of living in Putra Nilai is very affordable,” he says. “The campus is also very peaceful and conducive for higher studies. There are very few distractions here unlike big city campuses.”

The 23-year-old had actually narrowed down his choices to actuarial science, civil engineering and computer sciences post-STPM. He opted for computing studies as he believes that his forte lay in this field, as he felt that his mathematics was not quite up to scratch to tackle the other two spheres. Although he had heard about reports of unemployed computing graduates, Kang Wei was undeterred. “I firmly believe that if you do your best and achieve good results, you will be able to find a job, no matter how tough the economic climate and how many graduates you are competing with,” he states. “In any field, employers are always looking for the cream of the crop.”

Kang Wei is certainly on track academically as he is currently maintaining a CGPA of 3.7, which if maintained till the end of his course, will allow him to graduate with First Class Honours. It is something which he is hoping to achieve saying he is acutely aware that blue-chip companies are always on the lookout for academic high achievers. He attributes his success thus far to his lecturers whom he says are very experienced. “More importantly, there are always available to help any student who is unclear about the lessons. Their guidance really helps students find their feet,” he notes. Couple this with smaller class sizes at Nilai U; students get plenty of guidance and attention from the lecturers.

“I have noticed that Nilai U computing students are very good at programming. This is because the lecturers here ensure we are given a solid foundation in this area. We are drilled in the programming languages of C++ and Java, allowing us to be very confident with our programming skills,” he says. Having successfully applied to the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS) for an internship, he is hoping he will be retained. With his good grades and firm grasp of the essentials of programming language, Kang Wei feels he is poised to make an impact and carve out a lucrative career for himself.

Students undergoing Nilai U’s computing programmes will gain the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (NCLA) and Novell Certified Linux Professional (NCLP) certifications. Students will sit for online examinations and upon successful completion of the course, will receive a certificate from Novell, USA. For more information, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 03-79603089 / 07-2262336.