Navamani Gunasagaran

Student aims to pursue a Masters degree in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.

“I decided to be a Medical Laboratory Technologist after I found out that it is one of the top 20 professions in the USA,” says Navamani Gunasagaran, a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) student at Nilai University. Navamani says she decided to pursue MLT after getting strong recommendation from one of her school mates who is an MLT. Upon seeing the bright career choices, especially abroad, Navamani set about looking for the right institution to enrol in.

The online search brought her to Nilai University’s website and she decided to pay a visit to the campus in Putra Nilai with her parents. They were all immediately impressed by the greenery and the peaceful environment. “The peace and quiet is one of the best things about this campus. It’s perfect for studies,” says the petite young lady.

“The decision to enrol in Nilai University is based on a few other factors. The fees are affordable which means it is not such a burden on my family. Secondly, the MLT programme received approval from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Thirdly, the diploma is recognised by various international universities which make it easier for those who want to further their studies,” she adds.

The 24-year old who hails from Kajang, Selangor is the eldest of three siblings and she has concrete plans about her immediate future. She is enjoying her diploma programme immensely and has made plans with a few other course mates to pursue a degree in similar field in a British university. In fact, she plans to do a Masters degree which she hopes will open doors to employment opportunities abroad. “I want to be able to experience working abroad in companies that employ the latest technology and equipment. This will definitely improve my CV,” she smiles before revealing that ultimately she hopes to return to Malaysia to embark on a career in academia.

Navamani is enthusiastic about her programme stating she enjoyed the first year immensely as the laboratory practical sessions were eye-opening. As all students in the MLT programme are sent for internships, Navamani was able to experience working environment in both the private and public sectors. She spent a stint in Nilai University’s industrial partner – Gribbles Pathology – where she says she was given the chance to learn how to use high tech equipment. “It was real hands-on learning. We were allowed to use the equipment, not just observe from afar,” she says. “I also had the opportunity to work in the Pathology Laboratory at Kajang Hospital which exposed me to real life pressures.”

She advices all students who wish to pursue MLT to brush-up on the biology and chemistry subjects. “These are two key cornerstones of this programme. It is also very important for students to improve on their English. Many of the scientific terms are different and you must be able to follow the syllabus that is conducted in English,” she cautions. Navamani is confident that the future is bright for MLT graduates as the healthcare industry is booming. She points out that no hospital or healthcare provider can function without Medical Laboratory Technologists. “School leavers who are strong in biology and chemistry, and are meticulous by nature, should check out Nilai University’s Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. A rewarding career awaits you,” she assures.