Nagappan Krishnan

Student cites affordability as key reason for his joining Nilai University.

Nagappan Krishnan takes nothing for granted. The 19-year-old former student from SMK St George, Taiping, enrolled in Nilai University’s Diploma in Business Information Technology in January 2013 after taking a year out. “My father passed away in 2008 and my mother needed some time to save up for my education,” says the soft spoken lad. He, in turn, did not just while away his time in front of the computer or hanging out in shopping malls. Instead, he took on a variety of jobs to save some cash and also to get a taste of working life.

“I worked as a sales promoter at a departmental store and also with a telecommunications company. It is one of the hardest jobs trying to attract customers,” he winces at the memory. However, he admits it was a positive experience as he learned plenty of useful lessons on marketing and promotion. Naga also had a stint as kitchen crew in a fast food chain. Here the school leaver learned the importance of team work, communication and organisation.

These valuable lessons were more important than the pay packet he earned as Naga admits he has been interested in business and information technology. “I can now use my own experiences when presenting reports or giving real life examples,” he explains. “I also feel that these experiences have made me a more mature person as I now know how hard it is in the real working environment.”

Naga had initially applied for public higher education but was granted a course in multimedia. His interest lay firmly in the areas of business and information technology and he searched for an institution that offered a programme combining both these areas. That is how he first came to notice Nilai University and the Diploma in Business Information Technology. Since he was supported by a single parent, affordability was high on the list of priorities. Of course, his mother also wanted to know whether Nilai University’s programmes were approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency. “My mother also was keen to know if there was on campus accommodation as she was concerned for my safety. Once I told her that it did and it had 24-hour security, she was convinced that Nilai University was the right place for me,” smiles Naga.

Having started his programme, Naga admits to some difficulty in following some of the lessons. “The lecturers are good and are always ready to help. After years of being spoon fed in secondary school, I am finding some of the lessons difficult to follow. But I am sure I will adapt soon enough,” he smiles determinedly. Other than that, he finds Nilai University facilities to his liking. “I love the peaceful and quiet environment. Also, there is plenty of sporting facilities to keep us occupied after class,” he says. “Everything is to my satisfaction, including the living arrangements.”

Naga says he is keen to further his studies and would like to earn a degree, though he has yet to make up his mind which programme he wants to pursue. For the moment, he is busy adapting to his new environment and making new friends on campus. “I certainly would recommend Nilai University to my friends and relatives. The programmes are recognised by the government and most importantly, affordable. It is everything I had hoped for,” he concludes.

Nilai University was established in 1997 and is located the in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai, just 35-minutes south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It is rated Setara 5 by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.