Joyce Chin Seow Fong

Shy bookworm thoroughly enjoying an active and social lifestyle at Nilai U.

“I am actually playing sports and really enjoying it! I am also having a much more active social life by joining various clubs and societies,” exclaims Joyce Chin Seow Fong of her new lifestyle at Nilai University (Nilai U). Joyce readily admits to being a “nerd” in school. “I was really your typical bookworm who did not play any sports”.  However, her studiousness paid handsome dividends when she scored 10As in SPM and was awarded a High Achievers Scholarship from Nilai U which covers 100% of her tuition and accommodation fees.

She first entered the Foundation in Science programme as she wanted the fastest possible route to a degree. Joyce settled on the BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology through what she says was “a process of elimination”.  Having worked in a shipping company during her school holidays, Joyce found the office environment to be tedious and boring. She also says that although she scored an ‘A’ in SPM Accounting paper, she is not a numbers person, thus discounting one of the more popular options with school leavers. The biotechnology degree appealed to her as it offers numerous career possibilities, with a number of jobs specialising laboratory work. “I wanted a career which will present fresh challenges every day and I will learn new things all the time. Biotechnology is a field that is growing an incredible rate with many new discoveries being made every year. I feel very comfortable in a lab environment and this is where I think my intellect will be best stimulated,” says the petite former student of SMK Bata Unjur, Klang.

According to Joyce, with each passing semester, the workload gets heavier and the modules get more complex and harder. “That is to be expected as this is a degree programme and students must be prepared to work hard,” she counsels. Joyce also has the extra incentive of maintaining a high CGPA to ensure the continuation of her scholarship. No stranger to academic endeavour, Joyce is already thinking of furthering her studies onto Master’s degree level. “I may work first to gain experience and also hope to impress potential employers into sponsoring me for my Master’s degree,” she smiles. Her aim is to enter a research and development facility focussing on genetic engineering.

Thus far, it is the social and sporting lifestyle at Nilai U which has made the biggest impression of the 20-year-old. “I have never been active in sports until I joined Nilai U. I am really enjoying myself with the various clubs and societies on campus,” says Joyce, who is on the committees of both the Tchoukball Club and Christian Fellowship. “I have many so many new friends. It is really a great experience to meet people from different parts of the world.”

Joyce has absolutely no regrets joining Nilai U as she says the scholarship has helped to ease the financial burden on her parents.  She is also a firm believer of Nilai U’s methods of moulding academically proficient and socially confident graduates who are equipped with relevant soft skills. “The syllabus requires students to take elective courses which are not linked to their core subjects. I signed up for the Introduction to Theatre and Acting and had a really great time. It was very enjoyable and the experience has made me a much more confident individual. I also intend to sign up for the Outward Bound Skills for Survival and Golf modules in the future. These are great opportunities for a person to really spread their wings,” she enthuses. Given that Joyce was a shy, reticent bookworm not too long ago; it would appear the Nilai U experience has brought out the best in her.

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