Emmy Lai Chiow Hong

Business students pledges portion of her future income to charitable causes.

“There is no point of making tons of money if you don’t use it to help others,” says Emmy Lai Chiow Hong (BBA (Hons) in Marketing), who pledges to donate 30% of her future earnings to helping the less fortunate. This is no empty promise as the young lass from Mersing, Johor has been active in organising and participating in charity events since an early age. “I have been giving free art classes to children at the Buddhist temple in my hometown since I was in Form III and I take the time to organise trips to orphanages or old folks homes at least twice a year,” confirms Emmy. It is a trend that she has continued since joining Nilai University (Nilai U) a year ago when she enrolled in the Foundation in Business programme. “Just last semester, I helped organise a trip to an orphanage in Kajang. I think it is important for students to engage with those less fortunate than themselves.” She has also organised DIY Day at Nilai U to promote a culture of recycling as well as corral her fellow university mates to help clean up a beach in Sepang.

Emmy says she is a very outgoing person and loves getting involved in extracurricular activities. During her secondary school days, she busied herself with a variety of activities ranging from art competitions to basketball tournaments. But the two items that really stand out in her résumé are her third prize in a state-level Malay language poetry competition and a national creative media competition in which she also bagged third prize. Emmy is particularly proud of the latter as she had to design a media presentation for a movie using recycled items. Little did she realise that her achievements in these events combined with her other extracurricular activities would help her snag a scholarship from Nilai U.

Emmy had applied to a number of institutions for scholarships and was pleasantly surprised to receive two offers. One from an art and design college and the other being the Extra-Curriculum Excellence award from Nilai U. She opted for the latter as it covered 100% of her tuition fees and accommodation costs. “I chose to come to Nilai U for several reasons. Firstly, as much as I like the arts, I very much wanted to do a business degree. Secondly, I truly love the environment at Nilai U. It is away from the noisy city. With fewer distractions, I can concentrate on my studies,” explains the 20-year-old. She says she chose the Marketing degree because she is a “people person” and just cannot imagine herself trapped in an office staring at numbers all day.

Aside from her many extracurricular activities, Emmy has opted to do the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success course as one of her elective university courses. “The Dale Carnegie course has taught me how to communicate effectively which is very important in the business world. It is really great that Nilai U students are given the opportunity to earn certification from such well-known organisations,” she says. She also plans to join the Introduction in Theatre and Acting module as well as the Outward Bound Survival Skills course later on. In the meantime, she is busy enjoying campus life with a variety of extracurricular activities and making new friends. “I strongly recommend secondary school students to be heavily involved in extracurricular activities as it helps build character. It may also help you get a scholarship from Nilai U.”

Nilai U was established in 1997 and is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai. It received full ‘university’ status last year and is rated Setara 5/Excellent by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. For more information, please call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336.