David Lim Kwang San

Student is proud to have completed his degree 6 months earlier by doing maximum number of subjects during the long semesters while having a hectic social calendar.

It was some sadness that David Lim Kwang San bid goodbye to his many friends and staff at Nilai University (Nilai U). Having finished his last exam paper, David is set to enter the working world as marketing executive at a company distributing electrical goods, just 2.5 years after enrolling in Nilai U’s BBA (Hons) in Marketing programme.

“I managed to finish the degree ahead of time because I maximised the number of subjects I could take during the long semesters,” he explains. “Although many of my classmates thought I was crazy for taking on such a heavy workload, I did so every long semester and I believe that it has made me stronger and more confident of my abilities, not to mention the ability to manage my time well.” However, in spite of the heavy workload, David led a very active lifestyle on campus. “I think that is what I am going to miss most. The many activities where I was able to meet people from all walks of life and to make new friends,” he reminisces.  David was the Public Relations officer in his Christian Fellowship when he was doing his Foundation in Business programme. During his degree, he was the assistant treasurer in the Students’ Representative Council and also a pioneering member of the Nilai U cheerleading troupe. Of the former, he says he learned a great deal with regards to organising events, especially when he was organising chairman for the 2011 Prom Night. Of the latter, David learned the value of teamwork. “The routines would only work if everyone was on the same page. Teamwork is essential to cheerleading and also to avoid getting injured. You must fully trust your team member to be able to do his or her part in this physically demanding activity,” he reasons.

David also volunteered as a student helper on various occasions, helping during Open Days and various other events making his calendar jam-packed with activities. “I am not a bookworm. I don’t see the point of coming to university to just go to classes and then go home. I wanted to fully enjoy my time as a university student and be active in as many organisations or events as possible,” he smiles. He is rightly quite proud to have maintained a decent CGPA with his hectic timetable and he encourages anyone who believes they can manage their time properly to do the same. “It will make you a better person as you learn to utilise every waking moment,” he states.

David enrolled in Nilai U’s Foundation in Business programme as he was entitled to a sibling discount. His elder brother had completed a Diploma in Business Information Technology.  His parents also wanted him to be in a university where the numbers were not so crowded allowing David to get the full attention of the lecturers. “At Nilai U, classes are kept deliberately small to ensure students get the necessary attention from lecturers. This is very important to my parents who made me go to secondary school in Nilai for that very reason even though I am from Klang!” Hence, he fully encourages school leavers and their parents to check out Nilai U citing the small numbers in each class room as a prime reason. “This will ensure a high quality education. Plus the cost is very reasonable as well. There are tons of activities on campus to keep you occupied. What more can one ask for?” he concludes.

Nilai U is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai and is located just 35-minutes south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It received full university status last year and is rated Setara 5/Excellent by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.