Cheyenne Tan Chya Ying

Student opts for Nilai U’s American Degree Transfer program to fulfil her Hollywood dreams.
“I know it sounds clichéd but I am really inspired by Hollywood and its films. Everything from the storytelling to the special effects is magical,” smiles the effervescent Cheyenne Tan Chya Ying. “Hence I have always wanted to be part of the process that produces such magic.” It was no surprise that the 17-year old lass from Kuching, Sarawak has her heart set on pursuing a degree in Film Studies in the United States of America.
Cheyenne says her parents are very supportive of her unorthodox choice as they believe there is little point in forcing her into a programme she has little or no interest in. Once she got the green light from her parents, she conducted research online as to the best pathway to achieve her goal. Cheyenne came to the conclusion that the best way to do so was via an American Degree Transfer Program (ADP). But she was dismayed at the responses she got initially from counsellors about pursuing Film Studies. “They tried to get me to choose modules for conventional programs such as engineering,” she complains. However, when she visited Nilai University, she was pleasantly surprised at how encouraging the counsellors and lecturers were of her choice. “It was such a refreshing change. Furthermore, I also happened to like the greenery of the campus and that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The fees are also very affordable which made it a no-brainer for me to enrol in Nilai U’s American Degree Transfer Program,” she says.
The young lady has immersed herself in campus life and as part of her plans to be involved in the film industry, enrolled in the Theatre and Acting module which is available as an additional credit subject to Nilai U students. She is full of praise for the module which is run by famed thespian Mano Maniam, saying that she and her fellow participants are now so much more confident when speaking in public. “What is great about ADP at Nilai UC is that you will get a variety of subjects which are fresh and exciting every semester. This will keep things from going stale and also pique your curiosity as a young intellectual,” explains Cheyenne.
She says that students who are keen on American experience should definitely check out Nilai U’s ADP option. “Flexibility of the modules means that you can always decide on which area you wish to pursue later on. The savings you make by doing the first two years at Nilai U are substantial which can help with fees in the US or can even be put aside for post-graduate studies,” she advises. “I also happen to think that an American education is very rounded in that makes you learn things from different areas.”
Cheyenne has a very clear idea of what she wants to do after graduating from film studies. “I want to set up a production company doing Malaysian films in English as I think there certainly a market for it. Far from being just an avenue to make money, I want to actively contribute to the growing arts scene in Malaysia. To be able to leave my mark with memorable films that define the essence of our multi-cultural society would be a momentous,” she declares.