Andrew Suryawijaya

Indonesian swimmer enjoys the Nilai U experience whilst grabbing medals at Masiswa Games.

“I have been swimming since the age of six and have competed at district and state levels. When I was in high school, I represented East Java. Competing in swim meets is very normal for me and I am just pleased to have been able to win a few medals competing for Nilai U at the recent Masiswa Games,” smiles Andrew Suryawijaya (BBA (Hons) in International Business), who hails from Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. The soft-spoken 18 year-old lad admits, however, to not having trained enough for the meet and had to be content with a gold (200m backstroke) and two bronze (50m and 100m backstroke) medals. “I just wasn’t disciplined enough to carry out my usual training regime. However, I will be fully prepared for upcoming meets as I have outlined a rigorous training schedule to follow.”

This will involve daily runs along Nilai University (Nilai U) campus’s lakeside jogging track as well as sessions in the gymnasium. “The environment at Nilai U is ideal for those who enjoy an outdoor and sporting lifestyle. The campus is really green and has courts for basketball, tennis, futsal, volleyball and badminton. There are always students playing sports in the evenings here,” says Andrew.

Things could have been quite different for Andrew as he had initially paid registration fees to commence studies at Petra Christian University, Indonesia. But a friend talked him into checking out Nilai U’s website and after discussing it with his parents, Andrew was convinced of the benefits of an education abroad. “Most importantly, I wanted to be fluent in English. The fact that the syllabus at Nilai U is conducted entirely in English was an important factor. Having classmates from all over the world also means that I have to converse in English which helps me improve my linguistic skills,” he explains.

The other factor was Nilai U’s location in the quiet suburbs away from the hustle and bustle of the city. “I know many students would prefer to be in more happening locales, but I am the opposite. I really like the peace and quiet, it is perfect for studies. If I need some entertainment, Kuala Lumpur City Centre is just a short train ride away,” he says. Andrew also points to the dual award on offer as being a pertinent factor in him enrolling in Nilai U. “Being able to earn an internationally-recognised degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK was an important factor in me coming to Nilai U as it will help improve my career prospects,” he opines.

Thus far, Andrew is thoroughly enjoying his Nilai U experience, having gone through the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success course as part of his elective courses. These elective courses are designed to equip students with essential soft skills and improve their marketability as they will be awarded certification for having completed these courses. Being the outdoorsy type, Andrew has signed up for the Outward Bound Skills for Survival course for this semester. “I am really looking forward to spending two weeks in the jungle!” he laughs. “Such courses teach us the value of teamwork and effective communication. Having certification from renowned names such as Dale Carnegie and Outward Bound will certainly improve my career prospects.” Andrew encourages all his compatriots to check out Nilai U. “The lecturers are extremely friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a quality education abroad, join me at Nilai U.”

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