Amy Lee Si Mun & Melissa Lee Kar Yan

Nilai U students praise lecturers for helping them score distinctions in Nursing Board exams.

“We were well drilled by our lecturers. There were mock tests, revision classes and consultations with lecturers, which really helped us prepare for the Nursing Board exams,” smiles Amy Lee Si Mun, who was one of five students from Nilai University’s BSc (Hons) in Nursing programme to score distinction in this crucial examination, which all nursing students must pass if they wish to practice. “Although it is a multiple choice answer exam, the lecturers didn’t just get students to memorise their text books. In the mock tests, each answer is analysed so that all of us fully understand why each answer is right or wrong.”

Melissa Lee Kar Yan also scored a distinction and was similarly effusive of her lecturers. “Nilai U nursing lecturers are really dedicated and they always make themselves available to students. They are also very encouraging and they really filled us with confidence when facing these exams,” she says. Both these high-scorers were quick to proffer advice for future nursing students sitting for these exams to not rely on mugging alone. “Memorising text books may get you a pass but if you really want to score a distinction, you will need to really pay attention in class and also during your practical and clinical sessions. By really absorbing your lessons and seeing how theory is put into practice, you will be able to see clearly what the examiners is testing you on,” counsels Amy.

As for other helpful tips on preparing for the Nursing Board exams, Melissa says it helps greatly if a student organises their notes properly from the very start. “This would make referencing a lot easier and your study process would be a lot more organised and thorough. Also, you won’t be wasting time looking for specific information if your notes are in order,” she adds. She also referred to online nursing courses which helped her gain further insight into her profession. Amy did likewise and tested her knowledge with the American version of the Nursing Board exam, known as NCLEX.

Both young ladies also believe that any school leaver considering nursing to opt for the degree programme. “Employers are looking for higher qualified staff. Having a degree shows that you have undergone a more strenuous academic process and you understand your field in greater depth and detail,” explains Amy. Melissa concurs and says that many employers end up sending their better staff who are diploma holders to get their degrees. It also paves the way for better opportunities abroad as most of the job offers require a degree. Both Amy and Melissa are also looking at the possibility of furthering their studies onto Master’s degree level or specialising in a specific area of healthcare. Thus having a degree paves the way for further academic endeavours.

Amy and Melissa both believe that nursing is a calling and students who wish to join this noble profession should not be motivated by monetary incentives alone. The well-being of patients and trying to raise the level of healthcare in the country are what drives these two young ladies. When asked if they would recommend Nilai U to potential nursing applicants, both point to their Nursing Board certificates as proof Nilai U’s ability to produce quality nursing students.

The other BSc (Hons) in Nursing students who scored distinction in the Nursing Board exmas are Denise Chua, Mavis Tan and Nuraini Mohd Nasir. Nilai U’s School of Allied Health Sciences offers diploma and degree options in nursing as well as Degree in Biomedical Science and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. For more information, please browse our website or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089.