Nilai University Google Apps

About Nilai University Google Apps

Nilai University Google Apps is very similar to Google’s consumer apps, but free of advertising and with greater privacy protection.

Nilai University Google Apps / Services includes Gmail, Drive, Groups(Mailing Lists), Calendar, Contacts, Talks/Hangout, Docs/Sheets/Slides etc. Google Apps helps you to:

  • Send and receive email
  • Share and view calendars to easily schedule meetings
  • Store unlimited email data
  • Post messages or send to Groups (Mailing List)
  • Share Files

Nilai University Google Apps Guide

You would be given an Nilai University Google Apps account upon joining the University. Your account would be use to access the Google Apps like GMAIL, Calendar, Drive etc. Please download Quick Start Guide to get you start off quickly in using Nilai University Google Apps.

Help Desk


Hotline Phone: +6012 233 8218 (Mon to Fri | 9am to 5pm)

Nilai University e-Leave

Turnitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps students learn by facilitating personalized feedback.

Maintenance Helpdesk System

Nilai University has introduced new system called “Maintenance Helpdesk System” on August 2015. This system enables user to make report / request regarding maintenance,civil works, air-condition, electrical problem, PA system, telephone, IT related issues (CMS/Moodle/Internet/etc). It will also allow the user to track the progress of their request/report.