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School of Engineering & Technology

This programme prepares graduates for a professional career in the Electrical and Electronics field, specialising in the designing and operating of sophisticated devices, equipment, technology, services and systems.

This programme focusses on the design and application of thermal, fluid and mechanical power systems and the design, production and use of machines and tools.

This internationally recognised programme equips you with the knowledge and technical skills for an exciting career in the electrical and electronics industry by employing a problem-based industrial approach to train you to effectively design, bui


This internationally recognised Diploma equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide engineering services in the areas of process design, product manufacturing, energy generation, new material creation and many more.

With the majority of electrical devices having mechanical parts integrated with electronics components, mechatronics is set to lead the next wave of engineering technology.

Gain a higher qualification, which will help you climb the career ladder in this highly lucrative field.

The affordability of air travel has led to a significant growth in the air carrier industry, creating a huge demand for aircraft maintenance staff.