“Never stop learning and never stop asking” declared Alicia Moh Peik Shya, an alumna from Nilai University’s Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Alicia also believes in learning from mistakes and subsequently, mastery will be guaranteed.

“Knowledge is priceless. Stay focus, and hard work will always pay off,” claimed Alicia. She lives by this philosophy.

Alicia graduated in 2017 with an Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Nilai University and BEng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering awarded by Kingston University, in the UK. The BEng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering is a top-up programme for students who are undergoing the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Students will complete both programmes in just one year after they graduate with the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

This top-up degree-BEng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering is more to move people on to supervisory roles within the industry. It is about managing a team and having the ability to deal with uncertain issues. Potential employers may also need people to lead the team, and the degree holder will come across as more confident and knowledgeable. Doing the degree is with long-term career options and rewards in mind.

An internationally recognised qualification

A UK degree is internationally recognised, and this allows a person to move around easily. Having a degree will certainly help a person perform the job better and ensure upward mobility. Alicia has had offers from an international company in Singapore and also a scholarship to study her masters with a prestigious university in Hong Kong. However, she has humbly declined as she would like to gather further work experience before progressing to the next level in her life. She has no intentions in getting the EASA License as she prefers to be in management and the degree which she has completed allows her to have this option.


Flexible and yet a sought-after programme

Alicia is currently working in the Quality Assurance Department as a Quality Assurance Executive with an international MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul) company. Within a month after completing her BEng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering, she received a job offer from her current employer. Now, she is a certified lead auditor, liaising with professional aviation authorities such as European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Indonesia, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) United States, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), and Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), ensuring compliance with stringent quality requirements and measures.

The aircraft maintenance industry is highly regulated. The number of people required can be predicted quite easily, and there is substantial evidence to show that the demand will keep growing.

Initially, Alicia pursued the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Nilai University, and after completing her diploma, she joined an international company. With a clear sight on her goals, she resigned and furthered her studies in the advance diploma and honours degree of aircraft engineering technology.

The Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering incorporates in its syllabus the internationally recognised EASA Part 66 Category B1 and B2 syllabus. This means students will study for both a diploma as well as for the EASA examinations using the same course notes.

EASA is the core agency of a new, cost-efficient regulatory system in Europe, which stringently ensures all its partner agencies worldwide are similarly well-organised. EASA is responsible for the airworthiness standards for most civil aircraft registered in European Union member states. (www.easa.eu)

“Nilai University’s Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses is well balanced between theory and hands-on practice. With both theory and practical exposure, I was well-prepared for the real-deal. The most exciting curricular is a 6-month on-the-job training which allowed me to explore the relevant roles and functions on the ground,” clarified Alicia.

Alicia is also grateful to all her lecturers for their practical guidance and sound advice which she applies when carrying out her professional duties.

Jason Tan Jen Keat is an alumnus who graduated with a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in 2016 worked in an MRO company specialising in repairs and overhaul of helicopters. He was assigned to inspect and rectify technical issues of aircraft based on the respective maintenance manual.

“In addition, the technical courses taught at Nilai University were relevant. I applied the technical know-how and practical skills such as composite repairs, metal works, structural repairs, turbine engine inspection, and maintenance procedures in my previous role. It’s extremely crucial to take on responsibilities seriously and with integrity. I am committed to these core values even till today when I manage my business,” declared Jason.

Being business savvy, Jason opted to be an entrepreneur after working for a few years. The technical know-how gained during his studies and experience gathered gave him an avenue to start an ingenious business model; supplying qualified professionals for electrical installation in factories.

Jason had enjoyed his varsity years at Nilai University. Then, he would coach squash in Nilai. The balanced learning environment at Nilai University boasted healthy recreational activities. As a gifted State player for squash, he started a squash club at the University.

The multi-faceted learning environment at Nilai University encouraged him to mix with other course mates from different countries. He developed soft skills, which gave him the confidence to communicate with his French and Chinese colleagues from China during his previous employment.

Although the aircraft engineering technology programmes enable various career options, having an EASA license is mandatory for students who desire to be a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. Only a licenced holder is permitted to certify the airworthiness of an aircraft.

This is another highly rewarding field to be in. An aircraft licensed engineer will essentially be responsible for aircrafts worth hundreds of millions of dollars and whether or not it leaves the ground. Most importantly, it is about the safety of the passengers who will be on the flight.

To reach great heights, relevant and sound technical know-how gathered through the different levels of tertiary education; diploma, advance diploma and an honours degree are required.


Basic Entry Requirement

The Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (DAME) at Nilai University is open to both Science Stream and non–Science Stream students who achieved the following scores in their SPM results:

  1. Three Credits in English, Mathematics, and Physics or Science
  2. Passed Bahasa Malaysia
  3. Passed Sejarah

Students should be medically fit and have excellent eyesight and hearing with no colour blindness and hearing impairment. Since its inception in 2008, learning facilities available at Nilai University for these programmes are among the best in the country. There is a purpose-built hangar with two aircraft and students have access to proper tooling and equipment to enhance their practical training.

Apart from the in-house practical training, students will also undergo six months on-the-job-training with Air Asia-X and Air Asia. Nilai University offers up to 100% scholarship to students. Find out about the seven types of scholarships available. Nilai University’s education counsellors and experienced lecturers will guide, access and assist you in applying for a scholarship. Nilai University is open daily except on public holidays. Please call 06-850 2308 for an appointment or click on www.nilai.edu.my or visit our campus in Nilai.