Nilai U lecturer to pursue Masters at Harvard University, US

Rajeeshwaran Moorthy (Nilai U lecturer in Finance) will be persuing the Master of Liberal Arts in International Relations course from Harvard University Extension School. He will be doing the course on a part-time basis and and he hopes to complete it by 2017.

“Teaching and learning never stops for anyone. Let it be whether you are a lecturer or a tutor, the fundamentals of teaching never changes; that is making sure the least bright student in the class understands your teaching,” he says. “As for me, I not only have the obligation towards my students but also towards the society as a whole. I believe by learning more, I could teach more to the world.”

Nilai U wishes Rajeeshwaran all the best on his academic journey.


Nilai U Finance lecturer, Rajeeshwaran Moorthy, will be doing his Masters at world-renowned Harvard University, US.