Launching of Nilai Care & Scholarship Schemes

NILAI, 29th June 2022 – Nilai University has successfully launched their Nilai Care Scholarship programme and new Scholarship Schemes on 29th June 2022 which was officiated by Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin ibni Tuanku Muhriz. The event was further graced by Datuk Gan Eng Hong, Group Managing Director, Nilai Resources Group Sdn. Bhd., Dato' Dr. Azhar Bin Ismail, Vice Chancellor of Nilai University, YB Arul Kumar a/l Jambunathan, Ahli Dewan Undangan Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Pn Azrina Mazrina Arifin, Finance Director, The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and other important industrialists of Negeri Sembilan.

In the budget 2022, under the theme Quality Education for all, the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, continues to receive the largest allocation of RM 5.6 billion. This is to show the importance of education for each and everyone in order to improve knowledge, our way of living and social economic status throughout our lives. When the pandemic brought the economy to a standstill, most of the students were unable to continue their tertiary education, largely because their parents were unable to provide financial support. Nilai University has seen the post-pandemic affect and responded to assist society to move forward from this crisis. Nilai University came up with various financial aids and schemes to assist the students of Negeri Sembilan to kickstart their tertiary education. They have implemented the NILAI CARE programme, the Scholarship Scheme for Anak-Anak Peneroka, and Extra-Curriculum programmes, especially for the students of Negeri Sembilan.

Nilai Care’s main objective is to contribute to the residents of Negeri Sembilan by subsidising the tuition fees of up to 30% for students. Nilai University hopes to reach all youths in the state to provide them with the opportunity for better education in order to enrich their lives and the communities they represent through education. The Scholarship Scheme for Anak-Anak Peneroka helps families who work in plantations to reduce the burden of paying tuition fees by generously providing free accommodation as a further incentive to the tuition fee waiver of up to 47%. Extracurricular financial aid was designated for the children of Negeri Sembilan who have outstanding achievements in their extracurricular activities.

Speaking at the launch, Datuk Gan Eng Hong, Group Managing Director, Nilai Resources Group Sdn. Bhd. said “We have implemented the Nilai CARE programme, the Scholarship Scheme for Anak-Anak Peneroka, and also Extra-Curriculum programmes, primarily to fulfil our moral obligation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards the residents of Negeri Sembilan. Nilai University is committed to contributing to the Negeri Sembilan community through Nilai Care by providing subsidies on tuition fees of up to 47% depending on the plan selected by the students. Additionally, for any student who excels in sport, the University will offer a scholarship of 50% for state representation and 100% for national representation for the duration of study in any programme they wish to pursue.”

Nilai University remains selected as the appointed ‘Sports Focus Centre - Fencing’ (‘Pusat Sukan Tumpuan – Lawan Pedang’) by the Ministry of Higher Education, an honour it has held since 2012. The Centre was tasked with creating a new generation of fencing experts among tertiary students and has among the best training facilities in the country. Nilai University has become a training centre for national fencers, several of whom pursued their studies at Nilai University.

Datuk Gan further added that Nilai University will also extend the Nilai Care programme to children of public servants working in Negeri Sembilan. As an appreciation to all public servants working in Negeri Sembilan, Nilai University honours them with privilege in terms of subsidised fees if they continue their studies at Nilai University at the Under-graduate (Bachelor) or Graduate Levels (Masters and PhD). With many students just receiving their SPM and STPM results, Datuk Gan invites them to attend the university’s open days on 2 – 3 July and 9 – 10 July to discover more on the many scholarships available to assist in their educational journey. The counsellors as well as lecturers will be also on site to answer any query they may have as well as provide a tour of the campus.

At the same event, Nilai University signed an MOU with the IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) to collaborate together towards facilitating the training of IAC teachers by Nilai University in areas not limited to first aid and CPR for special children, diet and nutrition. The MOU also includes Nilai University sending their staff and nursing students to IAC to engage in voluntary and outreach programmes and other areas of cooperation that may be jointly arranged by both parties.

On a whole, Nilai University stands by their vision of “Enrichment For Life” by going all out to help to enrich young minds with education even during unprecedented times. The University believes that education should be accessible to all deserving students from all walks of life. For more information regarding the Nilai CARE programme, Scholarship Schemes for Anak-Anak Peneroka, other scholarships offered by Nilai University and also the open days, the university can be contacted at +606-8502308 or visit their website at