An internship is both an exciting and nerve-wracking chapter of student life. If you are completing your diploma or degree programme soon, and looking forward to joining the workforce, this chapter of your life is going to prepare you well to face the different challenges of the working world. To make the transition to the working world fruitful, Nilai University’s School of Management and Marketing offers programmes with great industrial exposure through internships placements with well-established companies. At Nilai University, you will experience growth as a student as you come into your own, building on your strengths and learnings. This growth will be further enhanced through your internship, and that result will help you ace interviews and secure jobs upon graduation.


Be Prepared

It means no last-minute work! Applying for internships is not a paper subject that you can easily complete in less than 24 hours. Preparing for an internship requires time, effort and research. Spend a few hours a week researching companies you wish to intern at and note their requirements, their work culture, and the work that they carry out. Next, shortlist the companies you’re genuinely interested in and start sending your resumes. Lecturers at Nilai University will be able to guide you through the process and offer advice should you have any doubts. The academic and student-support team at the university are concerned for your future and willing to help you understand your internship goals and thus, secure the most suitable placement for an internship.

The Dean of the Faculty of Business Professor Dr Sivakumar Velayutham says that while the internship programme exposes students to a work environment before they graduate, he and the lecturers are also concerned about student well-being and ability to cope. “We have to ensure employers have a well-structured training programme that will expose our students to various skills: train and discipline them at the same time.”

Jason Liew, a student from Nilai University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing, completed his internship as a Marketing Trainee at 1 Ocean Marine and is continuing his master’s at Nilai University this October. He sent his resume to the company after filtering through several other options. Later, he was selected for an interview.

“It is interesting to be an intern. I have to do everything on my own. I was nervous in the beginning, as not everyone will easily adapt to the working environment.”


A student of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Human Resource Management, Ho Ka Zhin described her internship experience as challenging. After acing the interview, she was accepted as an intern at Pilah Syabas Marketing, where she was able to expand her knowledge and gain some experience.


Confidence Boost

Confidence is key when it comes to interviews. However, many students face a challenge when they are in an interview with actual employers. Jason says lecturers at Nilai University emphasised the importance of communication skills and confidence.

“Before my internship, I didn’t know the relevance of communication skills. Actually, it is vital. More so, as a marketer, it is important to communicate with clients and also colleagues.”

Slouching, rubbing your hands, clicking your pen too many times, fidgeting – these small actions may go unnoticed when you are around peers and lecturers, but employers can spot all of them easily. You may appear to be lacking in confidence, which is a huge no-no in an interview.

You can boost your confidence and communication skills by participating in public speaking. When you are at ease of delivering a talk to a crowd while maintaining eye contact with your audience, you will be calmer and more confident in an interview.

Ka Zhin believes that Nilai University’s general studies course in Co-curriculum helps students in improving their communication skills. She was in the committee for several projects and was able to practise communication skills with her peers and lecturers.

“I learned about duties in different fields and also leadership, teamwork and met new people.”

You can also boost your confidence and communication skills by talking to your lecturers, friends and mentors. Discuss your ongoing search for internships and upcoming interviews. You will gain some valuable tips and tricks on how to nail it!

Dashini Kannan, a student of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in International Business, will begin her internship in May 2020. She learned from her lecturers the importance of making an excellent first impression, especially when it comes to interviews that are inevitable in any job search.

“Nilai University offered me opportunities to learn and grow as an individual. I discovered more about myself and also self-respect. For example, I realised what I am passionate about, learned how to embrace change and what are my best qualities, and also how to let my self-confidence shine through.”


Never Stop Learning

Learning does not stop the moment you complete your studies. It should be a continuous process for you to grow in your workplace continually. This internship programme is the perfect opportunity for you to learn new things, gain knowledge and skills in your field of interest as well as other areas. By continually learning and opening your minds to new knowledge and skills, you will gain valuable experiences. These experiences can make you stand out in an interview.

Ka Zhin also had the opportunity to learn from a few departments, mainly Accounting and Administration. She was pleased to be exposed to new areas of interest aside from her major in Human Resource, as she obtained broad knowledge and skill-sets that she could explore in the future.


Be career-ready

Nilai University works to provide you with quality programmes featuring the latest curriculum to ensure that you will grow to be confident, responsible and critical-thinking individuals. The university aims to nurture students to be confident and career-ready, producing skilled students who are adaptable in the working environment. Being equipped with knowledge in your field of expertise and a good understanding of your role in the workforce assures that you will be among the candidates to be shortlisted.

Kickstart your journey towards a promising career with Nilai University. The university offers up to 100% in scholarships as well as accommodation fee waivers, so come and visit us for a campus tour if you have any questions. Intakes are ongoing, so enrol now while you can!


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