When one door closes, another opens! Is that true? Sometimes life gives us second chances. Not always, but sometimes. It is undeniable though; disappointment sets in when a chosen university rejects your admission or the programme offered is not the desired field of study.

Don’t fret! There are still other options. Nilai University is offering scholarships based on one of these three criteria: academic merits, athlete/ leadership achievements and needs for its forthcoming intake in October 2019.

Academic-based Scholarships

Under this umbrella, Nilai University offers two types of scholarships: High Achievers Scholarship (HAS) and Merit Scholarship.

HAS offers students with outstanding results of 9As in SPM or 3As in STPM or other equivalently excellent results in UEC, IGSE/O-Level, A-Levels, SAM/HSC/AUSMAT, ICPU and IB, 100% waiver in tuition fees. HAS is available for all foundation and degree programmes, but students should maintain their results (GPA and CGPA ≥3.50) and attendance (≥75%) to be eligible for continuing the scholarship next semester.

Yeap Su Ying and Lee Cheng Qing, both sophomore students of the Bachelors of (Hons) Accounting and Finance, received a full scholarship under HAS. They felt that the scholarship eased the financial circumstances of their families.

Cheng Qing had always wanted to follow her mother’s footsteps in accounting. “In my early teens, I followed my mom to her workplace, and I felt that I liked what she did as an accounting personnel. By nature, I am systematic. I enjoy accounting because there needs to be a sequence to keep an account balanced,” shared Cheng Qing.

“When I entered Nilai University, I couldn’t utter a proper sentence in English. So I took up roles that I could practise speaking in English. When the opportunity arises, I stepped up to the role of a master of the ceremony,” Cheng Qing explained confidently.

Both Cheng Qing and Su Ying completed their Foundation of Business studies under HAS at Nilai University. Su Ying selected the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance because she felt the courses in this programme gave her a broader perspective of both related fields, “Furthermore, it would entitle me to exemptions of 9 papers in the ACCA professional qualification when I graduate,” admitted Cheng Qing. Also, the scholarship helped to ease their families’ financial burden and allowed both of them to achieve their dreams without worrying about the availability of finances.

In a nutshell, the Merit Scholarship is another scholarship that is based solely on academic results. Students who have scored more than 5As in their SPM, from ‘2Bs and one A’ in their STPM/ A-Levels and less than 20pts in their six best subjects in UEC will receive a partial tuition fee waiver of 20%, 30% or 40% for the foundation, diploma and degree programmes at Nilai University. To continue receiving this scholarship, scholars should maintain a GPA and CGPA of more than 3.00 and an attendance of more than 75% every semester.

Athlete/leadership based scholarships

Calling all athletes! The Sports Focus Centre–Fencing Award as well as Extra Curriculum and Sports Excellence Award (ECSEA) are specially designed for skilled sportsmen/ sportswomen who have taken part in the national or state levels of selected sports. Upon receiving the scholarship, students will continue to refine their talents in their chosen game, representing the university in sporting events either in Malaysia or foreign soil.

The Sports Focus Centre-Fencing Award offers deserving students who are fencers with 100% tuition and accommodation fees waiver.

“I started fencing when I was 13 years old, and my career in fencing took off, but I contemplated about my future. It has always been my mother’s wish for me to complete a degree. Securing a scholarship under Sports Focus Centre–Fencing Award from Nilai University and Ministry of Higher Education helped ease my family’s financial commitments,” mentioned Adam Nicholas Lindbichler, a final year student in Bachelor Mechanical Engineering.

Adam has a long list of achievements under his belt. He has won another Gold Medal (Sabre) in AUFC2019. Moving on, he aspires to be an Engineer and a Fencing Coach.

Students who have taken part in state and/ national level sports competitions are eligible for the ECSEA scholarship, receiving either 50% or 100% tuition fees waiver. Next, Nilai University offers a particular scholarship known as Enrichment for Life Award (EFL) for students who actively participated in their extra-curricular activities: clubs, societies or uniform bodies. Students should hold key leadership positions such as head prefect, head librarian, president/ vice-president of clubs/ associations/ societies, or represented their school/ college in the district level in sports/ other activities.

Under EFL, students will receive 10% tuition fees waiver for the foundation, diploma and degree programmes at Nilai University.

The main requirements under these three scholarships encourages students to maintain a GPA and CGPA of ≥ 2.75 and an attendance of ≥ 75% every semester for local students; however, international students eligible for The Sports Focus Centre–Fencing Award should maintain an attendance of ≥ 80%.

Lee Hong Chun, a recipient of ECEA, opted to pursue the Diploma in Business Administration, is happy with the friendships fostered here at Nilai University. “I won’t be worried about finances and could fully focus on my studies,” said Hong Chun.


Needs-Based Scholarship

If you are from a low income or have a difficult family background, enquire and apply for the Education for All (EFA) scholarship explicitly designed for students from families with household income of ≤ RM4,000 per month. The following conditions apply:

  • Tuition fees waiver of 20% for diploma programmes and 11% for degree programmes.
  • Maintaining GPA and CGPA ≥ 2.75 and attendance of ≥75% for every semester.

By far and large, education changes lives. Ultimately, Nilai University hopes that by awarding these seven different scholarships to well-deserving students, they will succeed through education and in return, contribute to their family and community. Eventually, these graduates could spark hope in other youths from all walks of life.

Nilai University offers 40 internationally recognised programmes with five levels of qualification, kicking off with a foundation in business and science, subsequently progressing to a diploma, degree, masters and the highest achievement–a doctorate. They offer specialised programmes in various fields of study: business, hospitality, accounting and finance, biotech, computing, nursing, engineering and aircraft maintenance engineering.

Some of its specialised programmes in biotech and hospitality management incorporate business elements as core courses. Students will gain sound understanding of the competitive business environment in the specialised fields of biotech and hospitality management, respectively.

More so, Nilai University has craved a name for itself within the aviation industry. The academic pathway for its established programme in aircraft maintenance engineering allows students to complete the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology with a top-up degree, Bachelor Engineering (Hons) Aircraft Engineering from Kingston University in just 3.5 years.


Discover the charming campus just 15 minutes’ drive from the Kuala Lumpur International airport.

So are you ready take a step forward? Nilai University’s education counsellors will guide, assess and evaluate your academic results versus the desired programmes. You will receive one-to-one guidance and also, a personal campus tour of the university. Also, please schedule a chat session with the respective lecturers of your desired programme.

Please call 06-850 2308 for an appointment or click on their website at www.nilai.edu.my. The education counsellors are available 7-days a week except on public holidays.