International Students- Highlights

International Students- Highlights

Admission for International Students

A warm welcome to all international students!  
Thank you for considering Nilai University for your studies. Our motto, Enrichment for Life, reflects our commitment towards producing well-rounded graduates who are academically proficient and socially confident.

Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers the opportunity to acquire internationally-recognised higher education qualifications at affordable costs. Among developing countries, Malaysia provides a high quality of life through its stable and harmonious society, outstanding infrastructure, modern medical facilities and world-class universities. Malaysian folk are friendly, welcoming and hospitable. English is widely used here– making it a great place to learn and master the language. 

Why Study at Nilai University?

Nilai University is one of the best universities in Malaysia and has been rated Tier-5, Excellent in the Setara 2011 ranking by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Our scenic campus, which is away from the hassle and bustle of city life, is ideal for studies and an enjoyable university campus experience. Our academic standards are stringent, and we organise a variety of co-curricular and character-building activities such as Future Leaders Camp, One World Culture and International Festival all gear towards equipping our students with the necessary skills to thrive in the global economy.
By providing internship placements, we prepare our students for a successful career in their field of choice. Our diverse student bodies including various clubs and societies will both shape you and provide insights into different cultures and values, in addition to living a joyous campus life. Last but not least, with international students from more than 50 countries at our campus, you can look forward to experiencing cosmopolitan life at its finest.