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Academic Support

Accommodation Office

Our personnel at the Accommodation Office will help you with your accommodation needs from checking in to your daily concerns about your living quarters. Click here for more information on our accommodation facilities.

International Office

If you are an international student, the International Office is a one-stop-centre that takes care of your the needs during your stay at the university. The responsibilities of this department begin well before your arrival with the processing of visas and immigration documents. Upon arrival, you will be picked-up from the airport and brought to the campus where we will assist you in your enrolment and accommodation procedures. As an international student, you need only to refer to the International Office should you require assistance in settling in and in your day-to-day needs.

Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) oversees the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) which is represented by the students and for the students. The SRC is an official platform to channel the opinions of students to the management to enable suitable actions to be taken. The Council is advised by the DSA who also oversees other matters such as disciplinary, welfare and grievance issues. Besides providing advisory and guidance to the clubs and societies at the university, the DSA also provides you with services such as mail collection, lost & found, shuttle bus service & emergency assistance.


We have close working relationships with health providers in Putra Nilai for students who live on or near the campus. The student Affairs Department staff and housemasters/ housemistress are on call 24-hour to attend to emergency situations.

University Placement

If you are headed overseas, the University Placement staff at the University Placement Office (UPO) will be more than glad to help you find an institution that would match your needs besides offering you advise on the course, location and financial options right up to assisting in the transfer itself.

Career Development Services

The university organises annual workshops on resume writing and interview techniques to aid your transition from university to the working world. Besides these, local and foreign-based companies are also invited to conduct talks and interview sessions at the university. Like many of our past students, we are sure you will find this useful and benefit immensely from it.

Personal Development and Counselling Centre

The team of licensed counsellors at Nilai University’s Personal Development & Counseling Centre (PDCC) is dedicated to offer professional services to serve the University community on a short and middle term basis. The goal of counseling is to empower counsellees in discovering, harnessing and maximizing their potential to acquire necessary competency in managing life challenges that impede or limit their personal and academic development. The counselling process involves specialised skills and strategies application within the therapeutic relationship between counselor and counselee, for developmental, preventive and remedial intervention that facilitate counselee in taking personal responsibility to make informed choices for positive changes.

Alumni Office

Your journey at Nilai University does not have to end with graduation. Be part of our alumni network and stay in touch with your friends. Join Nilai University Alumni today!