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Yuganesh Gunalan

In Pursuit of His American Dream

In pursuit of his childhood dream, Yuganesh Gunalan enrolled into Nilai University as a freshman in January 2015. To his delight, Nilai University has laid a path for him to obtain a scroll from The United States of America through the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP).

He recalled the day he first set his foot in the institution where he was given a warm welcome by the orientation counselors. The warm smiles and hospitality that were shown by them washed away his nervousness and dilemma, for he had to be away from home for the first time. The orientation week was an eye opener to him to cope with the life as a university student.

Yuganesh could not forget his first meeting with the Head of ADTP. He was awed by her passion for work and love for her students extensively. Consultations with her were done on regular basis and she made sure all ADTP students were in their best form. Yuganesh also admitted that his classes were enjoyable and lecturers were always friendly and caring.

As semesters passed, he decided to become one the orientation counselors (OCs). Being one, he believed in the benefits that the role brings, such as leadership skills and expansion of network. Besides training one to be a good leader, he believed that being an OC helps him to improve his communicative and soft skills, too.

Interacting with local and international students and university staff led him to be a confident communicator where he was selected by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) to be the master of ceremony in some campus events. In one of them, he had the opportunity to meet the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Nilai University, Prof. Datuk Dr. Sothi Rachagan, whom he regarded highly as his idol. “He is a perfect example of an executive whom I aspire to be someday,” he claimed. Besides aspiring to be like the VC, Yuganesh has later sharpened his leadership roles to a greater level by becoming the president of the ADTP Organization. In this organization, he has been working with the members to create awareness on the existence of the organization and planning some activities that could foster friendship in the campus.

Currently in his fifth and final semester, Yuganesh’s learning experiences have expanded from just doing assignments and attending classes to participating in club activities and managing his study time efficiently. He loves spending most of his free time in the library, while admiring the amazing, scenic view of the campus from the library. A Nilaian he has been, Yuganesh is looking forward to completing his final semester and moving on to chase his dream in The United States.

The ADTP is a flexible, two-year programme that offers majors in Applied Science, Engineering, Business, and Liberal Arts. The programme allows students to transfer a maximum of 90 credits to any universities of their choices. For further inquiries, please contact Head of ADTP, Ms. Sharifah Halimah Syed Jafar