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Yeong Ming Yue

Excellence in Sports helps student win scholarship
Former state table tennis player excelling in both studies and sports events at Nilai U
Yeong Ming Yue scored 9As in SPM in 2012 but was still anxious that it was not good enough to secure her a scholarship into a private tertiary institution.  She remembers the competition being very intense as many of her schoolmates had also scored excellent results and everyone seemed to be aiming for the same scholarship avenues. But Ming Yue had an ace up her sleeve which separated her from the rest of the academic high achievers - she was (then) a state table tennis player (representing Wilayah Persekutuan).
Sure enough, Nilai University (Nilai U), which has always been keen to reward students with excellent extra-curricular achievements, offered the young lass the Extra-Curriculum Excellence Award covering 100% of her tuition and accommodation fees. "I am so glad that my parents, in particular my father, encouraged me to be active in sports. In fact, he coached me with my table tennis. So many of my friends were forced by their parents to give up sports to concentrate on their studies," she recalls. "In the final reckoning, it was my sporting activities that got me my scholarship from Nilai U. I hope more parents will encourage their children to pursue sports as it may help them secure a vital scholarship."
Fast forward two years and Ming Yue has already completed her Foundation in Science programme and entered the BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology programme just as she had dreamed. She is still working hard at keeping up her academic scores and is just a few credit points shy of a first class honours degree. She still has a few semesters to set that right and she is determined to prove to the administrators that they were right in awarding her a scholarship.
The former SMJK Yu Hua is also determined to disprove the myth that excellence in sports comes with the price of academic results. Along with Lew Pei Yen (another Extra-Curriculum Excellence award recipient who has since completed her BBA (Hons) in Finance proramme), Ming Yue has represented her alma mater at various table tennis tournaments. The girls' latest achievements include winning gold in the IPTA - KPT sports meets table tennis doubles event twice.
Ming Yue is keen to stress the importance of being active in extra-curricular activities as a means of improving one's mental and physical health. This automatically translates into a better state of mind and improved concentration in one’s studies. She says the regular table tennis training is a release valve from the pressure deadlines and examinations. "I can also confidently affirm that my table tennis background enables me to think faster and react quicker. I believe it helps me focus and stay disciplined which is essential to succeed in university," she claims.
Her long term plans are to further her studies onto a Master's degree and possibly even a PhD in the field of food science. "This is where my interests lie and I believe it would be better to complete my studies in one go," she says. Thus far, she is thoroughly enjoying her biotechnology programme and says students should check it out as Nilai U has all the required laboratory facilities. "Biotech may still be in its teething stage in this country but I urge school leavers to do more research," she cajoles, saying that it opens up employment opportunities in a variety of fields, and graduates are not confined to laboratory settings.
This vibrant 22-year-old is also keen to encourage potential applicants to visit Nilai U's campus saying its peaceful environment is ideal for higher education. "I visited other campuses before but none were like Nilai U's. This is a great place to study. No distractions at all," she quips. With her long-term table tennis partner already completed her studies, Ming Yue is hoping that other table tennis starlets will apply to Nilai U. "Like me, you may be offered a scholarship. And maybe we can start a new doubles partnership and win plenty of medals!"
Nilai U was established in 1997 and is located in the peaceful suburb of Putra Nilai, just 35 minutes south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It offers a number of scholarships. For more information, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089.The next Open Day is on 20-21 Dec 2014.
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