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Yee Yin Sinn

Holistic Education
Valedictorian believes getting involved in extra-curricular activities helped her become a well-rounded graduate.
Bright, bubbly and armed with a winning smile, Yee Yin Sinn certainly has plenty to grin about. She recently graduated from the BBA in Management programme with first class honours at Nilai University (Nilai U). She was also named Valedictorian for the Class of 2014. “Truth be told, I had worked very hard to try score first class honours but I wasn’t expecting to be named Valedictorian,” she beams. “It is a wonderful honour and I believe this will certainly help open doors in my career.”
The 22-year-old lass from Malacca is already doing quite well on that front having secured internship, followed by a one-year contract at one of the world’s leading IT companies. “My supervisor was very excited when I told him that I had been named Valedictorian, and I am hoping to it will convince my employers that I am worthy of a contract renewal!” she says. 
Yin Sinn is quick to thank her mother and elder sister for their support throughout her undergraduate years. Her sister is a Nilai U alumni who graduated from the Accounting and Finance degree and Yin Sinn says she was instrumental in helping her achieve good grades. “As we both did programmes in the Business Faculty, many modules were similar and my sister acted as my own personal tutor. She really had a big hand in helping me score a first class honours,” she states. She is also equally equivocal in her praise for her lecturers, whom she says always took extra time and effort to tutor students outside the classroom. “They are truly dedicated and keep pushing us to do better,” she affirms. 
However, it is her involvement in extra-curricular activities which Yin Sinn believes helped her secure the honour of being named Valedictorian. She is a firm believer that students must be actively involved in various clubs and societies as well as university-related event. “This is how a student builds confidence and learns essential soft skills. It is where you make new friends from all over the world and learn how to communicate and build valuable social skills,” she outlines. Yin Sinn also believes that having such an active extra-curricular résumé also helped her snag her current job as employers are always looking for graduates with the requisite soft skills.
Her CV in this area boasts plenty of achievements, not least being the founder and president of the DIY Club, which encouraged student to organise their own events and also learn handicraft and other skills which are eco-friendly. “In fact, I was encouraged to set up this club by one of my lecturers, so this is another example of them pushing students to achieve greater things,” she says. Yin Sinn also served as treasurer in the Students’ Representative Council and also volunteered in a number of university events. These include the Future Leaders Camp, Youth Empowerment Symposium and the International Cultural Festival. She also lent a hand as a student helper with various university departments including Student Affairs, Business Development Unit and Corporate Communications. “I learned something new each time and being a student helper allowed me to take a peek into the administrative side of running a university,” she declares.
Yin Sinn urges all school leavers as well as current university students to get heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. “It may help them land a scholarship as it did for me (Yin Sinn successfully applied for a scholarship from a vernacular newspaper). It will help you make plenty of new friends which, in turn, will make your varsity experience much more memorable. Last but not least, being involved in lots of extra-curricular activities is vital if you want to be named Valedictorian!” she smiles.
Nilai U administrators firmly believe in providing various opportunities and platforms for students to fulfil their true potential. Known as its ‘Blueprint for Success’, this philosophy focusses on strong courses, character building, holistic development and industry internship to produce well-rounded graduates. Yee Yin Sinn is one such example of Nilai U’s well-rounded graduates who are academically proficient and socially confident. For more information, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089.
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