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Wan Tung Kent

Desire for Travel
A desire to see the world prompted this young man to enrol in the Diploma in Tourism Management programme.
An essential lesson I have learned is that to be in the service industry, you must be sincere in wanting to serve and help people,” says Wan Tung Kent, a student in the Diploma in Tourism Management programme at Nilai University (Nilai U). “You must be humble and genuine in your desire to make a guest or visitor feel at home.”
Sound words of advice indeed from a 19-year old who professes admits that the motivating factor for him was to do something “fun”. Kent says he has always been the outgoing type and is always looking for fun activities to be involved in. “I just can’t see myself stuck in an office doing mundane paperwork or just staring at a computer. It is just not me,” confesses the former SMJK San Min student from Teluk Intan, Perak.
It was during his stint in National Service did he realise that his peers were all preparing for higher education and many had clear ideas about the career choices. It got him thinking and a few of his friends had suggested that he check out the programmes in the hospitality and tourism field. Taking their advice, he finally narrowed it down to the Culinary Arts and Tourism management programmes. “I decided to go for tourism as I liked the idea of travelling and meeting new people. Although I like to cook, I did not want to be stuck in a hot kitchen all day long,” laughs the genial young man.
Kent says that he is thoroughly enjoying his programme thus far. The best part, he says, are the trips abroad that have been incorporated into the Diploma in Tourism Management syllabus. He and his classmates along with the lecturers made a trip to Ho Chih Minh City, Viet Nam recently. “I was amazed to see how a country that was destroyed by years of war can present itself as such an interesting travel destination. What they lacked in five-star facilities, they certainly made up with their hospitality,” says Keat admiringly. He and his classmates were also intrigued by the booming dark tourism in Viet Nam. “The war museums and exhibits attract many visitors and I was also very interested to see their exhibits on booby traps which were used against the Americans in the Viet Nam war. It was a real eye-opener for me and taught me that even difficult times in history can be used to attract tourists,” he says.
The energetic young lad encourages all school leavers to check out the Diploma in Tourism Management programme. “Which other programme offers you the opportunity to travel and to meet people from all over the world. It is just so exciting,” he counsels. Adding that the environment at Nilai U is also perfect for higher education with its 105-acre campus ensconced in greenery, Kent says it is the perfect place for budding sportsmen and women who enjoy outdoor activities. “There are plenty of sports facilities and also regular sports events like the Campus Games and various tournaments to keep you occupied,” he smiles. Ultimately, he says if a person shares a dream to travel the world, the Diploma in Tourism Management is the ideal place to start that adventure.
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