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Vu Hoang Yen Linh

Worth Crossing Borders For
Accounting and Finance degree high achiever from Vietnam receives Graham Upton Achievement Award at Nilai U’s Convocation 2013.
“My mother has always encouraged me to travel and experience other cultures to broaden my horizons. This has made me the adventurous and independent person that I am today,” beams Vu Hoang Yen Linh (or just ‘Linh’ to her friends). That urge to travel and explore was indeed the reason why the 22-year-old decided to leave the comforts of her family home in Hanoi, Vietnam to pursue an Accounting and Finance degree at Nilai University (Nilai U).  And it has been a worthwhile journey as Linh not only graduated with first class honours but was also the recipient of the Graham Upton Award at Nilai U’s recent convocation ceremony.
“I have never won an academic award. It is a great feeling to be acknowledged for my efforts in achieving academic excellence. I certainly hope that this award will make me more marketable to potential employers,” smiles Linh. The annual award honours Prof Graham Upton who served as Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, UK from 1997-2007. It is given annually to the most outstanding graduate who has scored the highest total marks in the final year modules in the 3+0 Oxford Brookes degree programmes at Nilai U.
When queried about the secret of her success, Linh is modest and attributes it to the tireless efforts of her lecturers. “The lecturers always took the time to ensure all students understood the lessons and drilled us with plenty of projects and tests,” she says. Having good time management is essential according to Linh, who also counsels that students should not study merely for the sake of exam results. “Be enthusiastic about gaining knowledge and have passion for your field of study. Having this attitude will ensure great exam results,” she advices.
As for her future plans, Linh is planning on becoming a financial analyst and will be pursuing her Master’s degree in finance in the United Kingdom. “I will definitely miss the greenery of Nilai U and its friendly student-staff community,” says Linh. “I thoroughly enjoyed studying here, and I would recommend this university to anyone, especially to international students like me who are looking for established higher education institutions with experienced lecturers, lessons beyond theories and great facilities,” she concludes.
Nilai U was established in 1997 and was granted full ‘university’ status and also received a rating of Setara 5/Excellent from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency last year. For more information, please browse this or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336.
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