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Sue Wye Hong

All in the Family
Accounting and Finance degree student is named Valedictorian for Nilai U’s graduating class of 2013 and thanks his family for inspiring his success.
“I had to make sure I maintained the family record of doing well in university and I guess being named Valedictorian does it!” exclaims Sue Wye Hong, who has just completed his BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at Nilai University (Nilai U). “I have my family to thank for spurring me to do well in my studies,” admits Sue Wye Hong. His father is a civil engineer while his mother is a retired head of the examination unit at the British Council. Wye Hong has two elder brothers who excelled at university, the eldest is an actuarial executive and the other is a dentist.
Wye Hong is obviously over the moon at being named Valedictorian for the Class of 2013 and says, “I am very happy to be able to make my parents proud. I am so grateful to them for giving me the privilege of higher education.” When asked what the secrets of his success were, the former SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, Petaling Jaya student is modest saying that all he did was study consistently throughout his three-year programme. He did, however, reserve plenty of praise for the lecturers at Nilai U’s School of Business. “They always have time for students. They also made classes interesting by sharing their own experiences in the real world and allowing us to see how theory works in the corporate environment,” says Wye Hong. “They didn’t just stick to the textbooks. They made sure we understood how things worked in the real world.”
He is keen to stress that much of the hard work had been done during secondary school and in the pre-university course (he did the South Australian Matriculation programme before joining Nilai U). “Students need to realise that they need to create a strong foundation by studying hard in school and in pre-u. You cannot build anything solid or lasting on weak foundations,” explains the 21-year old. He credits his dad for instilling in him the need to work hard in school. “His mantra was ‘study for the sake of understanding, not just for the sake of studying’ which makes so much sense now that I have completed my degree. I can see now that the hard work in secondary school and pre-u really helped me progress so much better in my degree programme,” he says.
Wye Hong says he had already decided on pursuing an accounting and finance degree despite being in the science stream in secondary school. “Although I did well in subjects like chemistry and physics, I wasn’t all that interested in them,” he admits. It was a no-brainer decision for him to join Nilai U as he was offered a High Achiever scholarship covering 100% of his tuition fees as well as providing him with accommodation on campus. “I really have been lucky. But I guess it was another example of being rewarded for the hard work at school and pre-u. That is why I tell my younger friends and relatives that really working hard early on will pay dividends later,” he counsels. But he is quick to stress that there must be equal amount of effort put into extracurricular activities. Besides being an avid basketball player and active Interact Club member in school, Wye Hong also sharpened his wordsmith skills by representing his state in the board game Scrabble. “Scrabble doesn’t just improve your vocabulary but also teaches you to strategise and plan tactical moves against your opponent. These are soft skills that are much valued by employers, so students need to be active in extracurricular activities both in school and university,” he emphasises.
But most importantly, Wye Hong says is for students to surround themselves with positive influences. Besides his family, he says that he made sure his friends were similarly driven to achieve academic success. This fact was underlined when two of his closest friends in university have been named prize winners in Nilai U’s Graduating Class of 2013. “I am very pleased that my good friends also did well and won special prizes. I am certain such achievements give us greater confidence going into the working world. I know that I feel a lot more confident now that I am Valedictorian,” he smiles.
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