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Nguyen Chi Hien

Filmic Vision
Student is inspired by Hollywood to take up computer studies.
The film effects used in the film Avatar really blew me away. I was so impressed and it really opened my eyes to the magic that computers can do onscreen,” says Nguyen Chi Hien, a student in the Bachelor of Information Technology programme at Nilai University (Nilai U). “That film inspired me to pursue a career in this field. The slightly-built resident of Ho Chih Minh City says he chose to come to Malaysia based on the advice of his sister who has had working experience in the country.
His parents allowed him to choose his academic path and felt that his choice was a logical one given the amount of time the young man spent glued to the computer. Whether it was playing games, watching videos or social networking, Nguyen’s whole life and existence seemed to revolve around his computer. But he admits that he had not really given any thought to pursuing a degree in this area until he saw Cameron Crowe’s sci-fi epic.
The film was a game changer. It raised the bar and showed just what can be achieved with computers and people with the right know how,” he says enthusiastically. “Avatar is in 3D and the pace in which technology is moving is incredible. Already, from what I have read, plans are being made for films in 4D and even 5D. I want to be part of that.
Nguyen does admit to being a tad homesick when he first arrived at Nilai U’s campus in Putra Nilai. He says there is a special combustible mix about his homeland which permeates the very air. “It’s a mixture of all the fabulous street food and oily smell of thousand of motorcycles,” he describes. “I miss that smell.” However, he has taken to the vast open greenery of Nilai U’s campus and is impressed by the large array of sporting facilities available. “If you like the outdoors, this is a great place. I am beginning to appreciate the fresh air and the peace and quiet of the campus which is totally opposite to the hectic pace that is Ho Chih Minh City.
On his programme, Nguyen says that he is thoroughly enjoying his modules on coding which teaches him to use C++, Java and Visual basics which are the key languages for designing software. “I like the way Nilai U designed its programme. It gives students a very strong foundation in the basic areas such as programming and coding. It also shows students how computer skills are applied in the business field,” he says. Nguyen also says his command of the English language has improved tremendously since leaving home adding that it was a key reason his parents sent him abroad. “Having to study and communicate in English has helped me improve. I used to have to think before speaking, literally translating word for word. Now I can speak English confidently.
He is already making plans about possibly pursuing a Master’s programme in a related field as he firmly believes it will enhance his employment prospects. “I certainly hope to gain some working experience either in Malaysia or other countries before returning home to Viet Nam. Of course, it would be a dream to be able to work in a film production company that specialises in digital effects.” He says he would love to realise his dream and to see his father’s reaction. “My father works with the Censors Board and I think he would get a kick showing his colleagues a film with his son’s name in the credits
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