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Mastura Norden and Chua Sin Yee

Highest Standard of Healthcare
The latest batch of Diploma in Nursing graduates featured 13 students who scored distinctions in the Nursing Board examinations.
Both Mastura Norden and Chua Sin Yee are soft spoken and humble. However, beneath the polite exterior, lies a steely determination to be the best in the nursing profession. These two girls were part of the 13 students from Nilai University’s Diploma in Nursing programme who scored distinctions in the external Nursing Board examinations. It is the highest number of distinction scorers yet from a single batch and is reflective of the high calibre of students entering this noble profession.
Mastura’s choice to enter the nursing field was borne out of a personal tragedy as she lost her mother to cancer four years ago. She spent a lot of time in hospitals and witnessed firsthand the important role nurses played in her mother’s treatment. “The nurses played a big part in making my mother feel more comfortable in the hospital and also gave her plenty of moral support in her battle against cancer. Their dedication and sincerity in caring for my mother inspired me,” recalls Mastura. She was already registered for an English programme but applied for a government scholarship to do nursing. She promptly got the scholarship and was sent to Nilai University (Nilai U).
Sin Yee confesses that she had originally planned on pursuing medicine but was not able to get the grades to get into medical school. She admits that she had not worked hard enough in her school days and was somewhat crestfallen. However, a teacher noted her ambitions and suggested she apply for Nilai U’s Diploma in Nursing programme, as it would allow her to be still involved in the healthcare profession. She had learnt her lesson and has worked extra hard in her diploma programme, resulting in her graduating with a distinction and obtaining high scores in the Nursing Board exams.
Both girls plan to pursue their degrees after getting the necessary work experience and possibly further obtain a Master’s degree in Nursing. “I want to have the option of teaching. Also, having a Master’s will help me get into a senior position in my career,” says Sin Yee. Mastura says she wants to get into teaching as a means of giving something back to the nursing profession. “I hope to share my knowledge and experience and to help train better quality of nurses.”
While acknowledging that the attraction of high salaries for nurses abroad played a role in getting them to join the nursing programme, they both agree that there must be a sincere wish to help the sick and the infirm. “Without such a commitment and sincerity, you will not be able to last long as a nurse. You will not be able to provide quality care and service if you are only motivated by money,” says
Sin Yee.
On their success in the Nursing Board exams, both girls unreservedly credit Nilai U lecturers. They reveal that the lecturers drilled them with mock exams which are even more difficult than the Nursing Board exam. “Having gotten used to a more difficult level of tests, we found the Nursing Board exams to be relatively easy. But it also included a lot of hard work,” cautions Mastura. Sin Yee says the lecturers take great effort to ensure students properly understood lessons and the key concepts. “The rest is up to the students and how much effort they want to put in,” she smiles.
They both recommend Nilai U’s Diploma in Nursing programme to students who are keen to enter the healthcare profession. “Nilai U lecturers are great. They are patient and understanding, and really do want to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the students,” says Sin Yee. Mastura concurs and says there is no other profession that provides greater job fulfilment than nursing. “When you have helped a patient successfully recover, the satisfaction is second to none,”she concludes.
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