Course Recommender

Lim Hsu Zen

Bowled over by Nilai U
Peaceful campus atmosphere is key to academic success, says former national bowler.
Lim Hsu Zen admits to being less-than-attentive when she first enrolled in a Foundation programme in a university based in the Klang Valley. “To be honest, I spent way too much time in shopping malls, which were situated close to the university’s campus,” she confesses somewhat sheepishly. “I would try to catch a movie in between classes instead of spending time in the library. There were just too many distractions.” Those distractions proved her undoing and her results suffered. Her mother was quick to spot that Hsu Zen needed to be in a somewhat quieter environment.
They decided to check out Nilai University as her aunt has a house in the locale, and they were well impressed by the lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere of the campus. The American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) caught the 21-year old’s imagination as she has always harboured dreams of studying abroad. She was then informed of the various scholarships available and was told that as a former national and current state bowler she was entitled to apply for the Extra-Curricular Excellence Award.
She promptly turned up for the scholarship interview with a box laden with her trophies and medals. The ploy must have worked as she was offered the scholarship which covered her tuition and accommodation fees. “I am very fortunate to have gotten this scholarship as it will help my mother save up for my studies in the US,” says the 21-year-old former student of SMK Puteri, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. 
Hsu Zen first caught the bowling bug watching her parents play. Her late father took her bowling regularly from the age 10 onwards and enrolled her in coaching clinics. She was soon good enough to represent her school before donning state and national colours. Given the fact that she has gotten a scholarship based on her sporting credentials, she is quick to advice school pupils to take up sports and other extra-curricular activities. “It is not just at local universities but many institutions abroad, especially the United States, offer scholarships for sporting excellence,” points out Hsu Zen, who will be applying for a scholarship from the American universities which she is applying to.  
She has narrowed her choice to Wichita State University, Iowa as she has an aunt living in the area and more pertinently, there is a bowling alley on campus. “I want to pursue a degree in sports management as I believe it is a field which suits me. I am not the sort who likes to be chained to a desk all day and this degree will open doors to a career in sports event management,” she explains. It is her dream to someday be involved in a grand sporting bonanza such as the Olympics or the World Cup. “That would indeed be a dream come true to be involved in the organising of an international sporting spectacle. I have competed in SUKMAs and seen how they are organised. I now want to see things on a larger, grander scale,” she says.
As for Nilai U’s ADTP, Hsu Zen is full of praises for both the programme as well as the lecturers. She states the easy transfer of credits and cost saving as the main factors in her choosing the programme. She also likes the fact that the classes are kept deliberately small to allow for maximum teacher-student interaction. “Unlike my previous institution where the classes were really large, the ADTP classes allow for lecturers to really devote quality time with each student as the numbers are kept low,” she states. Her current CGPA of 3.35 is definitely a huge improvement from her previous experience in a city campus. Thus, she does not hesitate in endorsing Nilai U as an education destination. “It offers quality and value-for-money education. When overseas education is so expensive, being able to save on costs is crucial. The quality of the education is also top notch with great teachers,” she emphasises. 
Nilai U’s ADTP allows students to do two years of study locally before transferring to an American university of choice, with a maximum transfer of 90 credits. For more information, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089.