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Lee Fei Wen

ADTP: Gateway to Study in the USA

When asked, if there is one word to describe Nilai University, with a smile, she answered, “Gratifying.” Lee Fei Wen, a semester four student of American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP), conceded that every experience and knowledge she gained so far has not only changed her to a better person, but they truly highlighted her university life.  

After her high school years, she had no clue about where and how to pursue her higher education. Her sister, whom she greatly idolized, was an alumnus of Nilai University who studied ADTP  introduced her to the program. Acknowledging her sister’s success in Nilai University, she decided to follow her sister’s footsteps. Growing up watching the western way of life with the thought that she would be living an American dream if she furthers her studies in the United States, she realized that ADTP was the perfect program for her.  All this while she had been dreaming to broaden her experience overseas, as well as witnessing other cultures and diversities.

By choosing ADTP in Nilai University, she exposed herself to many new challenges that she never thought she would overcome. “The studying environment here in the university is the best,” she said. “With trees and earthly environment, walking and studying in campus is a breeze. On top of that,  I have met wonderful people on campus – efficient and interactive lecturers, helpful support staff, dynamic university mates - what else could a student ask for?”, she added.

This self-driven 19-year old admitted that before she started her university life, she was lost and confused about her future. However, Nilai University had helped her discover her personality and future with the help of her lecturers, friends, and her family. She finally found her passion for the environment that she is keen to change, for she cannot stand to watch how the beautiful Mother Nature is slowly dying. That was when she decided to pursue her major in Environmental Science. Also, with all the challenges she had to take on, she grew to be a fighter and pushed herself through whatever circumstances.  She proudly said, “Gradually, I have finally started to find myself, and have begun to embrace my abilities and uniqueness.  Since I came here, I felt I have advanced in life just like the motto of Nilai University that says ‘Enrichment for Life’.”

The two-year American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This program offers majors in Business, Liberal Arts, Science, and Engineering.  For further enquiries, please contact the head of ADTP, Ms. Sharifah Halimah Syed Jafar