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Lee Fei San

US Bound
High achiever lands scholarship at Nilai U and plans to further her studies in the US.

Although a confessed “small town girl”, Lee Fei San is confident, well-spoken and comes across as a highly-educated individual. This should come as no surprise as her mother is a teacher who has instilled in her all the right qualities, especially the will and discipline to study hard. And that work ethic has paid some handsome dividends starting with the 10As Fei San scored in her SPM, which also led to her being offered a High Achievers Scholarship from Nilai University (Nilai U). The scholarship covers both her tuition and accommodation fees while she studies for the American Degree Transfer Program (ADP).

The 19-year old who hails from Beranang, Selangor, says although she was offered a number of scholarships from other institutions, she chose Nilai U for a number of reasons. “First and foremost, the terms of the scholarship from Nilai U were the best I got offered. This will certainly help alleviate the financial burden on my parents who have already told me that I can go abroad to further my studies if I get good grades,” she smiles.  “Secondly, the ADP in Nilai U was very clear cut in terms of the modules and the pathway to the US unlike some of the other institutions I visited.” She is also quick to add that Nilai U isn’t too far from her hometown making it also a convenient choice. “Yes, I get to go home every weekend to enjoy some home comforts,” she admits.

Fei San plans to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering at either Iowa State University or University of Minnesota, pointing to the prestige of each institution in her chosen field.  This decision was made after she did an aptitude test which highlighted her strengths in both chemistry and mathematics. “Although I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to study, I like the fact that Nilai U’s ADP allows me to keep my options open,” she says. “Furthermore, it has the advantage of being extremely flexible with credit transfers allowing me the opportunity to pursue subjects such as ‘Introduction to Music’.”

Having been given the green light to study abroad, Fei Shan is keen to make full use of the opportunity. “Going abroad isn’t just about getting a degree. It is the whole experience of being independent and being exposed to a new environment and fresh experiences,” she remarks. “I want to make plenty of new friends and also visit museums, go on road trips and get a taste of the performing arts.” She implores students who are going to be sitting for their SPM to study hard as it will have a great significance if they are hoping to snare a scholarship. “The hard work doesn’t just begin at college or university but at secondary school level. Having the right work ethics will help you go far, especially if you are planning to apply for scholarships from American universities,” she advises. Fei San is quick to note that an American education is not the preserve of the rich and privileged saying that besides numerous scholarships, students have the opportunity to work while they study which helps with the finances. “That is why I advise all students who dream of gaining a degree from an American university to put in the hours to get good grades early on,” she instructs.

Having an option such as the ADP certainly makes that dream more attainable as students do two years at Nilai U before embarking on a two year journey in the USA. “I cannot stress how important it is to have such an option which allow for great savings. Even if some students later decide to not go abroad, they can complete their studies locally,” she stresses. Besides the great savings, Fei San points to the dedicated teachers at Nilai U as being a prime reason for others to follow her to Nilai U. “They really are very dedicated. Not only are they very approachable, they are always on hand to ensure that students get plenty of personalized attention, which the small class ratios here allow for,” she states. “As a student, you cannot ask for anything more.”

Nilai U believes in allowing deserving students to fulfill their potential through higher education, hence the number of scholarship and financial aid schemes. For more details on the schemes, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089.