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Lai Jiunn Jien

Enhanced Certs to Boost Graduate Employability
Nilai U student believes having the MIHRM certificate will boost his employment prospects.
“It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the job market and anything that will help me improve my prospects is most welcome,” says Lai Jiunn Jien, who is in his final semester of the BBA (Hons) in Human Resource Management programme at Nilai University (Nilai U).  He was referring to the enhanced certification which he has just received from the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM). The 24-year-old is part of the pioneer batch of students to receive the Certificate in Professional Human Resource Management and was thrilled to learn that MIHRM had guaranteed employment for each of the 25 students with this qualification. 
Jiunn Jien says that he believes the MIHRM certificate will clearly signal to prospective employers that he possesses the requisite specialist knowledge in the field of human resource. “Although I am already majoring in Human Resource, any additional certificate, especially from a dedicated organisation such as MIHRM, will further underline my credentials in this field and indicate that I have undergone the necessary training and that I am up-to-date with all the latest industry trends,” explains the former student of SMK Yu Han, Kajang. “The fact that MIHRM has assured us of employment has also made my future that more secure.”
Having sat for his STPM, Jiunn Jien was disappointed his results were not exemplary and vowed to do better at university. He opted for the Diploma in Business Administration as he believed it will give him a soild foundation later when he transferred into the second year of the degree programme. “Although I was from the science stream, I wanted to try something new and decided to apply for a Business programme. The Diploma in Business Administration was ideal as it allowed me to learn about business principles from scratch. The duration of the programme also meant the study was at a more leisurely pace compared to the one-year Foundation in Business programme,” he says.  He advices school leavers who are looking to enter the Faculty of Business to seriously consider the Diploma route. “Firstly, students will be tutored in all the basic and essential business principles. This will be a great advantage when the students transfer into a degree programme. They will have a much stronger base of knowledge compared to those who did Foundation programme. Secondly, these students will have two qualifications. Thirdly, if like me, students are relying on PTPTN loans to finance their studies, the diploma will allow them to apply, whereas they will not be eligible for this loan if they chose the Foundation route,” he outlines.
At the moment, Jiunn Jien is thoroughly enjoying his varsity experience, citing the various clubs and societies he is involved with. However, he singles out the Theatre and Acting module as the single most enjoyable module he had at Nilai U. Students are required to complete four university modules unrelated to their core field. These modules are designed to equip students with the relevant soft skills and Jiunn Jien has certainly benefitted from it. “It was awesome! I had so much fun. But more importantly, I learned essential lessons in communication, teamwork and people management – things which are vital in human resource,” he exclaims.
As parting advice, Jiunn Jien says that all school leavers should take the time to assess their strengths and see which programme would suit them. “Do not think that just because you are from the science stream, you must choose a science based programme. You never know, a business programme such as Human Resource Management may just be right fit,” he says.
All students from the business degree programmes are entitled to the enhanced certification from MIHRM provided they complete the relevant modules. For more information on Nilai U and its programmes, please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336.
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