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Khairul Akmal Samsuddin

Rising to the Challenge
Felda scholar decides to pursue diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering after completing mechanical engineering studies.

“I like a challenge,” declares Khairul Akmal Samsuddin when asked why he decided to enrol in the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme at Nilai University, after having just received a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from another institution. “I felt that the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme offered a more defined career path. Plus I have always been interested in aircraft.” He points to a TV show focussing of air disasters for igniting his passion for flying machines. “The programme showed how just one careless mistake can have horrific consequences. It underlined what great responsibilities that the aircraft maintenance engineer has.”

Khairul says he decided to enrol in Nilai University (Nilai U) despite being offered a chance to do professional training with a domestic airline. “I told my sponsors that I wanted to get my EASA qualification. I also wanted to do my studies in a university campus, instead of a training centre. I still wanted the full varsity experience with lots of extracurricular activities and the opportunity to make friends from all over the world,” says the 22-year-old from Segamat, Johor. Nilai U’s Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme prepares students for the all-important European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) B1-1 examinations which is the gateway towards becoming a fully-licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. A person with this license will be authorised to certify aircraft as airworthy and will be much sought after the world over. “That is the main reason I chose Nilai U. I want a qualification which is like a ticket for me to work in another country and to gain more knowledge from working in a different environment,” he explains.

Having completed his mechanical engineering programme has given him a bit of an extra edge in some of the modules. “I suppose I am finding it a little bit easier than the rest in the maths and physics modules. But I am still working extra hard as this programme is not easy and the EASA exams have a very high passing mark,” states Khairul. Besides the EASA qualification, Khairul says he was very impressed with the level of facilities at Nilai U. It is one of the few institutions offering this programme to have its own purpose-built hangar with two airplanes. The aircraft allow students to have a better understanding of the workings of modern aircraft while the hangar is also equipped with workshop and as well as audio-visualclassrooms.

Khairul is part of the pioneer batch of Felda scholars to enrol in this Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme. He is hoping more Felda scholars will join him saying that students should not be deterred by the perceived level of difficulty in passing the programme’s exams. “We must learn to work hard now and we will enjoy the fruits of our labour later,” he counsels. “I also tell my friends and juniors not to be intimidated by the fact that the programme is taught in English. After a while of listening to lecturers and talking with your classmates in English, it will not be a hindrance at all.” Proof of this young lad’s determination is underlined by his plans to complete the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering as well. He feels that it is a very worthwhile option as students will gain a UK degree from Kingston University with just another year’s studies. “The marketplace for jobs is competitive. Though the EASA qualification remains the priority, having a degree will certainly mark you out from the rest as having something extra,” he adds. “I intend to live my dream of being an aviation industry professional. I have come this far, so why not go all the way.”

The Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering programme is a one-year top up programme open to graduates of the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students. Successful students who complete the Advanced Diploma and the relevant bridging modules are recognised by Kingston University, UK as having completed the syllabus identical to their degree programme. Thus they will be awarded a degree by Kingston University. For more information, please browse this website or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336.

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