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Bernard Yow Meng Wei

Double Celebration
Nilai U graduate proposes to childhood sweetheart at graduation ceremony.
It was like a scene out of a feel-good romantic movie as Bernard Yow Meng Wei, having just received his scroll at Nilai University’s graduation ceremony, got on one knee, whipped out the mandatory expensive jewellery, and popped the question. The 24-year-old had just graduated with an honours degree in the field of International Business, and had planned on making it a double celebration for him and his long-time sweetheart, Tan Hwee Yin, also a Nilai U alumni.
"I wanted to surprise her as she was definitely not expecting it. Moreover, we both graduated from Nilai U and this would be a perfect memory of our alma mater," he says beaming with pride. And surprise her he did by getting a few friends to pass her some red roses before he appeared singing a love song accompanied by a ukulele. In time honoured tradition, Bernard got down on one knee and popped the question. Was he tense that she might say 'no' amidst all the confusion of such a public proposal? "Not at all. Time was right as we have been dating for eight years and I firmly believe it to be the right time to start our new life together as husband and wife," he says confidently. They met in secondary school and have been each other's soul mates ever since and cannot imagine life without each other. Throughout varsity life, they kept each other company through the many hours of revision and assignments in the Resource Centre. "Having her studying with me certainly made all those hours in the library less stressful. In fact, her presence was both comforting and inspiring as I wanted to do my best for her," says the former student of Foon Yew High School, Johor Bahru, Johor.
Aside from the proposal, both Bernard and Hwee Yin have wonderful and positive memories of Nilai U. Hwee Yin graduated in 2012 with an honours degree in Business and Hospitality Management.  They say the peaceful and quiet campus was a main attraction as it provided an ideal setting for studies. "There are no distractions and the quiet ambience of this campus really helps focus the mind," says Bernard.  He points to the variety of clubs and societies on campus as the preferred pressure release valve for Nilai U students, instead of smoky snooker parlours or discotheques. He himself was active in the Eat Play Life and Ultimate Dancer clubs.
Both are currently employed - Bernard as a mortgage specialist at Hong Leong Bank Bhd while his fiancé is a human resource executive at a manufacturing company. Their long-term dream is to accumulate enough work experience and capital to open their own café someday. Bernard says they both love café culture and hopes his fiancé’s expertise in hospitality will come in handy while his background in international business will help him realise the dream of opening a global frnachise. Given their long history of having each other's back and inspiring each other, it won't be any great surprise that they achieve their dreams together.
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