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Asiffa Mohamad Ali

A Confidence Issue
Young lass joins Nilai U in effort to improve command of English and to experience a melting pot campus.
“I was an incredibly shy teenager at school and used to get picked on. I had self-esteem issues and lacked confidence,” admits Asiffa Mohamad Ali. In an effort to address those issues, she enrolled herself in English classes. Learning how to speak and carry herself confidently has worked wonders for her self-esteem and she is keen to carry on that journey. Hence she made the decision to apply to a private higher education varsity, unlike many of her schoolmates who have chosen public institutions.
“Even though my parents never had the privilege of attending university themselves, they recognise the importance of higher education. My father, in particular, was very keen that I experience new things, meet different people and improve my English,” says the bubbly teenager. “He told me to explore private education options as he wanted me to be the best that I could be, rather than a typical public university grad that only spoke Malay and had only friends from one community.”
The 19-year-old is now enrolled in Nilai University’s pre-university Foundation in Business programme. Hailing from Kuantan, the former SMK Tengku Panglima Perang Tengku Muhammad student admits she was initially nervous about being so far from home but has since settled in quite nicely. Her improved confidence has made her more gregarious and says she is making friends quite easily, thus nipping any homesickness in the bud. “I am really enjoying making new friends, especially with international students. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new customs and cultures through these international students. I am amazed by how some of my former schoolmates seem to frown on this and I am so glad to have broken out of that mind-set,” she says shaking her head.
Asiffa says she chose Nilai U based on several factors. First and foremost was its location in a peaceful suburb, rather in a crowded city centre. It was important to her that the campus is quiet and conducive for higher education. “Nilai U’s campus is so peaceful which is perfect for studies. I don’t like the chaos of city campuses which I believe can be very distracting,” she states firmly. Next was its affordability. Although she says her parents did not put any restrictions on her study choices, she is keenly aware of the financial burden her parents have undertaken to allow her the privilege of private higher education. “Besides, I have three other siblings and Nilai U’s tuition fees and on campus accommodation is very reasonably priced, thereby lessening the financial stress on my parents,” she underlines. 
Her initial online research also showed that Nilai U to be well established with great connections with partner institutions abroad. This made it all the more attractive as it gives her the option of possibly studying abroad at a later date with easy transfer of credits. At the moment though, her plans are to ace the Foundation in Business programme and to continue onto Nilai U’s BBA (Hons) in International Business programme. “I am attracted by the idea of working in a multi-national company and travelling the world to work, explore and learn. With that in mind, having classmates form all over the world here at Nilai U is certainly a bonus!” she says with a beaming smile that suggest that she has most certainly gotten over her self-confidence and esteem issues.
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