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Ahmad Farhan Nor Azlan

A Flight to Remember
Water polo exponent receives scholarship to pursue aircraft maintenance engineering at Nilai U.

For someone who spends so much time in the water, it is perhaps strange that Ahmad Farhan Nor Azlan had his sights firmly fixed to the skies. Farhan is a national water polo player and his exploits in the pool were rewarded with an Extra Curricular Excellence scholarship from Nilai University (Nilai U) covering 100% of Farhan’s tuition fees in the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme.

Farhan says his fixation on all things aviation began on a childhood vacation with his parents. “I was an extremely curious child. I remember looking at the gigantic plane and wondering how such a huge entity could possibly float in the air,” recalls the 20-year old. “I suppose that initial curiosity about how the plane could stay airborne led me on to the path of aircraft maintenance engineering as I had never stopped wondering about the inner workings of an airplane.”

Immediately upon completing his secondary education at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur, Farhan went looking for a tertiary institution that would sate his appetite for all things related to aviation. He found his solution at an education fair when he visited Nilai U’s booth and learned that the institution was one of the leaders in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering. “Nilai U was the obvious choice as it is one of the few institutions to offer this programme plus it has great facilities. Having a hangar with two planes certainly makes visualising the inner workings of an aircraft so much easier compared to looking at a diagram in a text book,” smiles the good natured Farhan. The hangar in Nilai U’s campus also features class rooms, workshops and audio visual rooms, making it almost a self-contained faculty. But students are actively encouraged to mingle with the rest of the student population for a proper varsity experience. “I certainly enjoy making friends with students from all over the world who are here pursuing different courses. It makes my university experience that more enriching and rewarding,” he smiles.

Farhan admits to being slightly overwhelmed at the technical information overload at the beginning of the course but has accustomed himself with the help of the lecturers. “Nilai U lecturers are very helpful and accommodating. Many of them are aviation veterans and they are more than happy to share their experience with the students,” he says. “They often have extra classes to help students prepare for the all-important EASA exams.” He is referring to the European Aviation Safety Agency B1-1 examination which is the gateway towards becoming a fully licensed aircraft maintenance engineer who has the authority to declare whether an aircraft is fit to fly. Farhan is eager for others who have a keen passion for aircraft to join him in the programme saying that there is now also a top up programme for students to earn BSc (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering from Kingston University with just an additional year’s study after completing the diploma. “If you love planes and want to know more about how they operate, come check this programme out. An exciting and lucrative career awaits you,” he extols.

Nilai U recently signed a MoU with AirAsia X to allowing its students to do their six-month On-Job-Training at the budget carrier’s hangar. Please go to or call 06-8502308 / 07-2262336 / 03-79603089 for more information.

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