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Master of Business Administration (Management)

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This MBA is designed to enable to you to develop a working knowledge of advanced management theories, policies and practices in the wider economy and business environment. You will develop the ability to identify and diagnose business problems accurately and effectively through data analysis and the selection of appropriate strategies and courses of action at the functional, business and corporate levels. You will be required to produce a project paper on current management issues. The programme enable you to acquire understanding and skills in management information systems, managing change and innovation and business planning. You will learn and acquire communication skills in a managerial role, emphasis the presentation of analysis, justification of recommended actions and messages intended to affect the perceptions of others. This programme is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Duration of Study
Min. 1 year (full time)
Min. 2 years (part time)
Intake Periods
Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree (minimum CGPA 2.50) or equivalent
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent (CGPA below 2.50) AND 5 years of working experience

For other qualifications, please consult our programme counsellors.
*English requirements may apply to International Students.



Basic Courses
Course Code Course Title
BA4401 Financial Management
BM4403 Marketing Management
BM4404 Managerial Economics
BM4406 Research Methodology
BM4401 Organisational Management
BM4402 Operations Management
EB4401 Statistics and Decision Analysis
BM4405 Ethics and Business Law


Advanced Courses
Course Code Course Title
BM4408 Managing Change And Innovation
BM4409 Business Planning
EC4401 Management Information Systems


Project Paper
Course Code Course Title Pre-requisites
BA4411 Project Paper
Completion of 80% of the programme