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B.B.A. (Hons) in Management

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Opportunities for effective and professional managers range across all areas of business. Approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, this programme prepares you for a successful career in management. You will learn all the main areas of the theory and practice relating to management namely the methods of planning, organising, leading and controlling an organisation and gain valuable experience of current business management practices. You will also be equipped with a high level of personal skills and competencies, coupled with sound knowledge and the ability to respond to change. Upon graduation, you will gain a thorough understanding of how the different areas of management fit together.

Duration of Study

3 years

Intake Periods
Entry Requirements
STPM  2Cs (NGMP 2.00) AND a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM
STAM  Jayyid rank AND a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM
A-Level 2 Principal passes 
UEC 5Bs including Mathematics and English 
Foundation / Matriculation Minimum CGPA 2.00
Diploma (MQF Level 4) Minimum CGPA 2.00
ADTP Minimum CGPA 2.00
AUSMAT / SAM / SACEI  / HSC Minimum 50% in 5 subjects
CPU / CIMP Minimum 50% in 6 subjects  
IB UK 24 marks in 6 subjects 

For other qualifications, please consult our programme counsellors.
*English requirements may apply to International Students.



BBA Management Path

Course Code Course Title
BM3102 Foundation of Business


Course Code Course Title
BA3101 Foundation of Managerial Accounting
BM3103 Business Communication
BM3104 Introduction to Organisation Behaviour
BM3105 Law for Business
BM3106 Principles of Microeconomics
BM3107 Principles of Macroeconomics
BM3108 Introduction to Marketing
EC3161 Business Information Skills
EB3115 Mathematics for Business
BA3201 Management Accounting
BA3202 Fundamentals of Finance
BM3201 Business Environment
BM3210 Principles of Strategic Management
BM3211 Strategic Management
Developing Management Capabilities
BM3203 Managing HR
BM3204 Organisation Behaviour
BM3212 Marketing Principles and Practice
BM3213 Marketing Management
BM3206 Managing Business Operations
BM3309 International Business
BA3302 International Finance
BM3310 Research Methods
BM3303 Perspectives on Corporate Strategies
BM3304 International Management of HR
BM3313 Marketing Research
BM3315 Strategic Marketing
BM3318 Retail Management
BM3319 Business Synoptic I


Course Code Course Title
BM3320 Capstone (Business Synoptic II)


Mata Pelajaran Umum
Course Code Course Title
OR DS3026
Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia
OR Bahasa Komunikasi II
OR DS3027
Hubungan Etnik
OR Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies)
DS3028 Graduate Preparatory Course*
MPU2B-D (Choose 3 University Courses from Cat. B - F)
B DS3008 Entrepreneurship
C DS3005
Public Speaking
Introduction To Theatre And Acting
D DS3006
Critical Thinking
Professional Development
Dale Carnegie Skills For Success
E DS3001
General Anthropology
General Philosophy
General Psychology
General Sociology
F DS3023 Outward Bound
MPU3 (Category A University Course)
DS3009 Ethics and Social Responsibility
GS3001 Co-Curriculum


Course Code Course Title
GP3301 Internship


Malay Language
(only for Malaysian students without a credit in SPM BM)
Course Code Course Title
MPW2113 Bahasa Kebangsaan A


Course Code Course Title
ENG112 English Language Proficiency
ENG113 Introduction to Academic English
ENG114 Academic English


* Students who have completed the Graduate Preparatory Course at the diploma level are not required to take this course again, but are required to take an additional University Course to ensure that a total of four (4) MPU2 courses are taken.

** DS3024 and DS3025 are meant to be for local students while DS3027 and DS3026 are for international students.