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Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering

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This Advanced Diploma programme course aims to cultivate technical proficiency in Electrical & Electronics Engineering field including the ability to tackle a wide variety of practical problems.  The Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering emphasizes the development of a professional attitude to design, maintenance, sustainability, quality and safety. This programme emphasises the development of practical skills and experimentation through the use of laboratories, workshop access and industrial visits.  Sustainability and ‘Health and Safety’ are threaded throughout the Programme’s modules.  There is a great deal of support available to students, both pastorally and academically, but in particular they are supported by a Mentor Mentee Scheme (MMS) in which they are allocated a member of staff who, through one-to-one meetings, will assist and encourage students in their academic learning for the duration of their course.
The BSc (Hons) is offered as a one-year full-time degree course, after their diploma. The knowledge, understanding and skills gained from this programme and prior learning will provide a good foundation for senior roles in engineering and other technical fields. 
All of the students on this programme will already be in full-time employment or will have completed the diploma designed specifically to lead to employment in the Electrical & Electronics Engineering industry. Therefore, this course is not really designed to lead to employment but rather to enhance your chances of gaining employment and to prepare you for senior positions and management roles later in your career.
Duration of Study

1 year

Entry Requirements
Diploma Electrical/ Electronic/ Mechatronic Engineering or related field (minimum CGPA 2.00)
For other qualications, please consult our programme counsellors.
Energy Management
Electrical Machines and Drives
Individual Project I
Research Methodology and Design
Individual Project II
Group Design Project I
Engineering Management
Quality and Reliability
Mechatronics System Design
Group Design Project II