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If you are browsing through our website and have stopped at this page, it would mean you are already seriously considering private higher education post-SPM (or O-levels). What I can say is that the two pre-university programmes on offer - Foundation in Business and Foundation in Science - are designed to be affordable and time-saving options. Compared to STPM or A-levels, these one-year programmes are specifically designed to ensure students get a solid foundation in the pertinent areas for the pursuit of a degree.

Our classes are kept deliberately small to ensure students get plenty of individual attention ensuring they fully grasp the lessons being taught.
Students are about to make a big transition into higher education and the Foundation programmes is structured to mirror some of the rigours of degree-level programmes. From essay writing to problem solving, we prepare students for the realities of a varsity education. Our high pass rate is proof of our success in guiding students towards their chosen fields.
If you are looking for a cost-effective and time-saving pre-university programme, look no further. You have come to the right place.


Welcome to the Centre for Foundation Studies.

On behalf of Nilai University, it is my pleasure  to welcome you to Nilai University’s Centre for Foundation Studies.
Since 1998, we have been offering highly successful Foundation programmes for the students who completed their SPM/O-Level/UEC. The Foundation Centre offers two programmes namely Foundation in Science and  Foundation in Business to help students pursue their undergraduate degree programmes. 
Nilai’s Foundation programmes are inline with Nilai U’s motto of “ Enrichment for Life”. Our Foundation programmes’ curriculum is tailored towards developing both the intellectual & emotional aspects of the individual. We strongly believe that this will shape the individual to have a greater impact on his or her future studies & career. On top of that, our Foundation programmes assists the post–SPM (O-level, UEC) students with the transition from the school environment to that of a university at an affordable cost.
Nilai’s Foundation programmes have been recognised and accepted by well-known higher institutions locally as well as internationally.
Thousands of students have successfully completed their studies and have had a “Head Start” in their respective fields of degree studies. Also, they have gone to make their mark in their respective corporate worlds & business endeavours.
Dear all, rest assured that all of us at the Foundation Centre  will “Walk The Extra Mile” with you in  guiding you to achieve your future dreams & aspirations at a fast track & an affordable cost.
Munusamy A/L I. Appukutty
Head, Centre for Foundation Studies


Academic Team

Munusamy A/L I. Appukutty
Head, Centre for Foundation Studies
Munusamy Appukutty has been with the Nilai University since its inception.  He has been in the Management team as a coordinator for the La Trobe & New Zealand Degree programmes in the past. Currently he is the head of Centre for Foundation Studies. He has been teaching business related courses at the certificate, diploma & degree levels. He is very active in the community services and have been associated himself with various NGOs groups in the country. Also, he is actively involved in youth development programmes/projects. Munusamy is very close to his Foundation students since he has the best interest of these students.
Ang Wen Loong
Senior Lecturer
Chan Yah Li
Senior Lecturer II
Eddy Bala
Lee Xui Xian
Senior Lecturer I
Malini Krishna
Manickam A/L Arjunan
Senior Lecturer
Mary Pang
Senior Lecturer I
Noor Izrati Ibrahim
Noor Shafryna Salleh
Paraman Jayapandiyan
Senior Lecturer
Suraiani Kassim
Zadza Zarazilah
Senior Lecturer

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You can contact Mr. Munusamy A/L I.Appukutty (Head of Foundation Studies) at or call 06-8502338 (ext 249).

The Foundation programmes are a fast track option into a degree programme of your choice. The choice is yours.

To put it simply, students who are interested in Business field should apply to join the Foundation in Business. Student’s interested or inclined towards scientific and technical fields such as Engineering and Allied Health should apply to join Foundation in Science. Students interested in computing field can join either the Foundation in Business or Foundation in Science programme. The Foundation programmes are designed to fast track students into the degree they wish to pursue. Those who are undecided should consult academics and counsellors to see which would be a better fit.


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