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The School of Mechanical Engineering is a department under the Faculty of Engineering, at Nilai University. The faculty aspires to become the premier training centre in mechanical engineering related programmes in line with the increasing needs of national engineering workforce. With high quality infrastructure, highly qualified and well experienced teaching personnel and a comprehensive training complying with technical standard and industry requirement, Nilai University graduates will meet the demand of current and future mechanical engineering sectors.
The School of Mechanical Engineering offers cutting-edge courses in the areas of mechanical and automotive engineering. The Faculty provides exciting work placement opportunities and hands-on experience. We have excellent links with this industry, including collaborative partnerships and work placement opportunities for our students. Our graduates are popular with employers in Malaysian engineering industries, recognised for their knowledge, experience and broad range of skills.
Our continually updated portfolio of courses spans a range of academic qualifications and is designed in consultation with professional bodies, industry and employers to ensure our students are prepared for a range of successful careers.

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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) is a prime programme offered under Department of Mechanical Engineering. Programme is the blend of mechanical engineering principles and skills with adequate knowledge on soft skills necessary for the graduates to excel in their early career. Throughout the programme, student will be exposed to the in depth theoretical knowledge with adequate analysis and simulation through laboratory sessions and they will be send to industrial placement right before they start their final year project.

Any of the bachelor degree programme under Engineering comprises of more theoretical and analytical skill than the practical, practical in the degree level is to demonstrate the system to give a comprehensive knowledge on components, construction and the functioning aspects of the system but not to carry out the servicing or maintenance of any kind of system. (Normally servicing and maintenance will be taught for diploma and certificate levels or technology based degree programmes with more hands-on practices). To carry out the analytical and evaluation practices, engineering labs will be equipped with design and analysis software, simulators and emulators. In a broad sense overall it is about 70% Theory and 30% Practical.

Students with STPM, A levels equivalent or Foundation in Science/Engineering or Diploma in related fields are eligible to enter this programme. Student with Diploma in Mechanical, Automotive, Mechatronics, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Electrical and Electronics are acceptable to enter the programme, where Diploma in Mechanical and Automotive could get more exemptions than any other Diploma programmes.
Students from Mechanical related diploma are eligible to get up to 30% (about 36 Cr Hr) of credit exemption. Mechatronics and Electrical Electronics might get up to 15%. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance could get for few credits under University and MPW courses but not in core mechanical engineering courses. Each credit exemptions are based on the subject verification to verify the subject content and student’s performance in the relevant subject.

Mechanical is a programme with broader prospective, any student willing to get into this programme should have passion towards design, analysis, production and maintenance of mechanical systems and machines,  in addition they must have sound knowledge in mathematicsand physical science with well conversant in English. 

Yes, to agree with you technology is ever changing phenomenon, keeping this in view, our syllabus is framed to impart this necessary knowledge to the students in each of the core mechanical courses. When it refers to keeping the programme up-to-date with latest technology, the Department of Engineering have a practice of conducting regular course review to  update the course syllabi to make sure the latest technologies, reference material are included into the programme structure.  A group of industrial experts work as our Industrial Advisory Panel to review the changes made in the syllabus and programme structure. There will be regular visit from these experts to moderate our programme delivery and to provide technical talks and career talks to the students.
There is a compulsory internship for all the students as part of programme structure. They will be sent to relevant industries to gain required knowledge on engineering. “Industry Partners” – getting industry partners is most essential for any programmes under any university. University has an independent industry placement unit which will work closely with department lecturers to identify suitable placement to our final year students. Currently we have about twenty five industries accepted our students for internship.

There are many major mechanical engineering sectors throughout Malaysia, with bachelor degree in mechanical, graduate are most eligible to enter to these sectors with junior engineer level, upon experience they can progress to become senior engine or manages. Since we have built in Entrepreneurship course in the programme, graduates can start up their own business upon graining experience in the industries.  

If graduates interested to progress their study, Nilai U is offering master and PhD programmes under faculty of engineering. Our graduates are most eligible to undertake master and PhD program with reputed universities in local as well as in UK, USA and many other countries. We have list of partner universities in UK that can allow our students to get into their Mater programmes. Our University placement department would be happy to assist the student upon completing the degree with us.

Engineering is a specialized area to seek for respectful and highly rewarded career in anyone’s life, school leavers with passion to work in the creative and ever changing technology career, dynamic and challenging work environment in future, Nilai U is offering Honors Degree under Mechanical Engineering.

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