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The School of Humanities & Social Studies is responsible for conducting the English Language and Communication components in the academic programmes as well as the proficiency courses. The department is well-equipped to carry out these responsibilities in light of the high-quality staff and excellent facilities available not only in the University, but also within the department. Students following the various English Language programmes are given every opportunity and full support to enhance their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The School of Humanities & Social Studies is well-supported by a highly qualified team of  dedicated English lecturers. Members of the staff are carefully selected based on their pertinent qualification of teaching English especially in teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language. Another criterion for selection of lecturers is their relevant teaching experience. The lecturers are qualified and have the necessary experience to teach English and Communication modules at different levels for the various programmes in the university. This group of proactive and motivated lecturers is totally committed to the teaching tasks assigned to them. They strongly believe in bringing out the best in students both inside, and outside the classroom.
In Nilai University, your first step is arming yourself with a suitable proficiency of the English Language. Learning English is probably the best step one can take to improve one’s life. Everything is easier when you can speak and write in English; accomplishments are easier, success comes faster, personal and professional goals are achievable. Most multinational companies require their employees to speak English as English is the main language for international trade. Being proficient in any language is surely an asset, but being proficient in English opens the door to a lot more golden opportunities.
It is our dream to have our students’ graduate, not only with a degree, but with the necessary skills to succeed in life. The English lecturers will assist you in overcoming the challenges in terms of language skills. Here, we encourage personal growth and prepare our students for graduate studies, careers and community services.
We help individuals communicate Effectively, Efficiently, Persuasively, & Concisely.


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Please email Mr. Peter Anthony (Head, Department of Languages) at or call 06-8502338 (ext 348).

The Intensive English Programme (IEP) is strictly a preparatory course designed to help foreign and local students acquire a satisfactory English proficiency level before they gain admission into the academic programmes.

Students (usually international students from non-English speaking countries) initially apply for other courses, and if they do not have the relevant language qualifications, they are refered to the Department of Languages. Students who do not wish to progress to other programmes but are interested in improving their language proficiency may also apply. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate of attendance .

Potential students should

  • have a basic knowledge of English Grammar, 

  • be aware of the four language skills, and

  • sit for the  Intensive English Programme Placement Test (IEPPT).

Upon completion of the IEPPT, students are placed in the IEP classes according to their scores:

  • IEP (Basic - Levels 1 & 2): 0 – 22 marks

  • IEP (Elementary - Levels 3 & 4): 23 – 54 marks

  • IEP (Intermediate - Levels 5 & 6): 55 – 69 marks

Nilai U’s Department of Languages offers the Intensive English Programme. It also offers other Communication and Academic English Courses supporting other programmes from the various schools.

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